4 Ways to Get More Instagram Stories Views

Instagram Stories are an important method of building communities and brand loyalty.

They’re packed with fun engagement-driving features, give you a quick way to DMs and are extremely friendly in their natural surroundings.

A simple win, right? However, it’s not that easy.

Stories are also extremely well-known, which makes it difficult buymalaysianfollowers to make your content stand out and attract more attention to your content.

You can, however, get around the system. Here are four ways to increase the number of Instagram Stories views:

How to Get More Stories Views Tactic #1: Add an Engagement-driving Sticker to Your First Story

One of the fastest methods to boost your story’s popularity is to include an engagement-enhancing sticker (such as an emoji slider, poll or a an online quiz) to the first post you make.

This will boost engagement with your posts right off the start This is an important indicator of your Instagram algorithm.

The more engagements and clicks your stories get the more Instagram will push your posts up the line.

Hello, I have more views!

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How to Get More Stories Views Tactic #2: Add an Extra Story at the End of the Day

This tried and tested tip comes straight From Later’s Social Content Lead Lindsay Ashcraft.

“Adding a new story at hour 22-23, right before the rest of our stories expire, gives all of them an extra boost in views.”

We’re not quite sure the reason this is so effective — but believe us when we say that it works.

Later’s social team also played around with going on a short break to determine if it could have any effect on the number of views on stories.

What did it mean? It’s not so great.

“We didn’t see anything that was out of the ordinary for us,” Lindsay says. Lindsay. “Lots of people recommend this, but I just haven’t been able to replicate results consistently

.”How to Get More Stories Views Tactic #3: Share Exclusive Content on Stories

It’s an old-fashioned strategy for marketing however, posting exclusive content can be a great method to boost your opinions particularly when it’s interesting or useful to the people you serve.

For brands, it could be an exclusive 24 hour discount coupon. For influencers or creators It might be a personal tale or a video tutorial, or an angle of view that you’ve never previously shared previously.

Stories that are short-lived makes them ideal for creating buzz — particularly when coupled with a caption on your feed which encourages readers to go into your stories to learn more.

Looking seeking further Instagram Stories inspiration? Take a look at this blog article 25 Instagram Stories Ideas to Improve Your Social Strategy

How to Get More Stories Views Tactic #4: Tap Into Instagram’s Close Friends Feature

This little-known trick can be a game changer to boost Instagram Stories views.
You might have noticed that whenever someone joins their Close Friends group, you’ll be able to see their posts in the upper right of your feed, with the bright green border.

This is due to the fact that Instagram favors content that comes from “close connections.”

Although admitting that adding hundreds of fans to the Close Friends list isn’t a feasible option, however, it’s great for making sure that important information and announcements are made available to the most influential members of your group.

For companies, this could include a list of brand ambassadors, influencers and frequent customers.

For creators and influencers this could be the most active community members as well as the industry’s colleagues.

TIP: Make a plan for your Instagram Stories ahead to Click Here ensure that you’re telling an engaging story with strong images and maximizing every possibility for engagement.

Through Later’s scheduling for social media application it is possible to visualize your posts prior to posting.If it’s time to publish it, you’ll receive all the information you require delivered directly to your phone (so you can create tags and story stickers directly from within Instagram).

It’s the most effective way to enhance you Instagram Stories strategy!

By Cary Grant

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