5 main types of insurance and how to choose yours!

Life can take a turn at any moment, and, therefore, personal insurance, whether for yourself or your family, is an increasingly indispensable investment. But, there are different needs for each person and, for that reason, different types of insurance are available.

With this, personal demands can be more easily met with the necessary support and protection. Insurers put solutions on the market that aim to respond to different realities, and a good insurance broker can take them to you.

Read on and learn about 5 of the main types of insurance and choose the one that best suits you.

Life insurance

Essentially, life insurance is about supporting the insured’s beneficiaries in the event of an unexpected natural departure or the occurrence of an accident. However, the insured himself can also benefit when an accident occurs that invalidates his productive capacity, in whole or in part.

In addition, when affected by a serious eye illness, such as cancer or stroke, among others, the insured is indemnified. Different coverages can be included, guaranteeing a greater breadth of protection in the same insurance.

In turn, these main coverages can also be complemented by services that make a difference when they are needed. So, for example, consider the following cases:

  • funeral assistance: in the event of the death of the insured, the family is supported for the first expenses related to funeral costs;
  • medical check-up: after a 3-month grace period, it allows for medical consultations and basic laboratory tests;
  • 24-hour assistance: offers various support, such as in cases of loss or theft of cards, cell phones, and personal documents.

Simplified life insurance

The eye insurance is known as Vida Simplified already demonstrates its objective in the name that characterizes it: its simplicity begins with the hiring that can be carried out 100% online. At the same time, it is also agile insurance when it comes to indemnification, as immediate coverage in the event of accidental death.

In addition to being simple, it is also insurance with very affordable monthly premium values ​​(the amount paid to the insurer). And, despite all these facilities, it is insurance that can provide all the coverage necessary to protect the insured and his family.

In this way, Simplified Life is an insurance that will provide protection and support to you and your beneficiaries in situations such as those demonstrated for the traditional life insurance discussed above. But in an even simpler and more accessible way.

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance is simpler than traditional life insurance. Its main objective is to ensure that the insured or his beneficiaries receive the contracted capital or that they are paid for the necessary medical treatment resulting from the possible events provided for in the policy.

The main coverage of this insurance supports the insured in the event of an accident that causes disability, preventing him from performing the tasks he normally performed. Likewise, if the accident results in the death of the insured, the indicated beneficiaries are indemnified in the contracted manner.

As with Life Insurance Simplified, personal accident insurance is also simple, quick, and easy to hire. The operations are online, and the policy arrives for you via e-mail the day after contracting.

Personal accident insurance for brave professionals

Personal accident insurance has a very suitable indication for people who perform certain activities. In this sense, personal accident insurance for courageous professionals stands out for those who, due to the work they perform, find themselves in situations of greater risk of accidents.

In this way, personal accident insurance for courageous professionals is especially suitable, among others, for:

  • cops;
  • firefighters;
  • nurses;
  • moto boys;
  • drivers;
  • bricklayers and servants;
  • painters;
  • Electricians.

In addition to having the simplicity of personal accident insurance, the policy can be obtained at the time of hiring online. In this way, professionals who exercise their courage in carrying out their duties can have the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones will be supported in the event of an accident.

Lucky ticket insurance

This insurance guarantees protection to the insured against personal accidents and is suitable for people between 14 and 80 years of age. Its main feature, however, is the possibility of being awarded cash prizes through sweepstakes in which you compete with your lucky number.

There are four drawings of R$ 4,000.00 each, every month, on Saturdays, for the extraction of the federal lottery. There are different value options for the payment that is unique and valid for the whole year and can always be renewed. In this sense, higher values ​​increase the chances of winning the prize.

How to choose the best insurance?

Personal insurance, for yourself or your family, is always an investment that should be included in anyone’s budget. However, needs are individual and may not be very different, which means that there are more suitable types of insurance for each one.

In general, the main care to be taken is to have the partnership of an experienced and reliable insurance broker. Thus, your broker can bring you the best options on the market, that is, the products that insurance companies offer for you to choose from.

For example, if you belong to one of the aforementioned categories (or a similar one) in personal accident insurance for brave professionals, this may be your option. The first step must be to know your needs so that you can hire the solution that will meet your possible demands.

By Cary Grant

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