Not only the bride who wants an unforgettable wedding day. The groom also wants to know that he made a good choice to marry his girlfriend. And with so many creative and unusual trends that have sprung up lately, it has never been as easy as the groom to make their marriage unique and special.

Traditional white dress is something from the past; Now the bride can go for anything from a sexy black dress to the off-the-courter number in bright purple or red. It used to be enough for couples to get married on Saturday at 2 pm, but now they are looking for a more dramatic ceremony when the sun rises or sinks … in the rain … or even under water.

There are many different trends, some somewhat eccentric and some are only a few that can make your wedding ceremony into something that people will talk about for years to come like gay weddings los angeles

Marriage trend

If not on Facebook, that doesn’t happen

Reform on social media platforms is an important part of the current marriage. Foursquare Check-in at the ceremony, the photos on Instagram marked #henryandmeghan, and Snapchat stickers are a creative way to make guests involved in your big day. People who use wedding hashtags want their friends and family on social media to stay up-to-date with all wedding events, whether they can attend or not. If you don’t want your wedding to be all businesses, this kind of update can also be very fun.

Choose a few themes and create the main hashtag that connects all with your marriage, from the proposal to the ceremony. Using the same hashtag will allow you and your friends to be able to access all the material posted immediately. This can be an extraordinary group activity enjoyed by most generations.


Flower girls and ring carriers are increasing trends in popularity. Children can take guests to the chair, do reading, and even dance. This is a good way to involve small children on your big day. Why not give your flower girl as a basket of candy and has a synchronized dance with a guest?

If you choose something that is not traditional, keep in mind that traditional elements may still be valid. Always consider the meaning of religion or culture behind some of these traditions before canceling it altogether. There is always an option to ask more experienced religious practitioners to help you apply the most important aspects of rituals throughout the program. There are so many things that can look trivial but means the whole world for the bride’s grandmother, the groom (or both).

Mixed marriages are increasingly general, the best is to take advantage of the culture of the two worlds and put all important traditions into the wedding ceremony. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the history and family of your important people and create some new family traditions for future generations.

Location, location, location

The bridal party photo was taken in front of a good park or in front of the church where the ceremony took place. But with all creative and unusual wedding locations to appear, couples increasingly like to adventure with their photoshoot.

From the roof overlooking the city to the countryside warehouse in the countryside, the couple found a more interesting place to take their wedding photos. If you have a destination marriage, you can even be creative with the location of the photo shoot and choose something special for you and your future partner. There are many extraordinary choices like engagement photography price that you can consider when coming to the location, try to make a list of places that might have meaning for both of you like the place you encounter, the first kiss, funny look … you can grow the entire theme of one memory film if you are Let your imagination become wild.


Food is always a focal point in marriage, but what you serve changes. Many couples choose unique flavors and new dishes to bring their holidays to the next level.


A clear trend in many marriages is a menu. The choice is unlimited, and there is something for everyone, all you have to do is search online.

Extraordinary reception will include treasure hunting for parties, where guests need to save menu lists because there are hidden messages that will help them know the next pieces of puzzles. If you are looking for something a little more modern and less themed, consider serving craftsman cheese plates with grapes and other delicious snacks. Maybe you can enter Sommelier who can share some tips about crafts and basically make a wedding dinner as a program to taste grapes for all your delicious friends and family. Somewhat classy, ‚Äč‚Äčtense, and educating.

Do you have pets?

Pet-friendly marriages become more popular because people find that they love their feathered friends just like true humans. If you want your pets friendly, there are some things you need to do to make sure everyone is comfortable.

First, make sure that all your guests know that they are invited to bring their pets. This will help avoid surprises on the wedding day. You also want to have a lot of food and water for animals, as well as the area specified for them to defecate themselves. Finally, make sure you have a plan to handle accidents or unexpected behavior. No one wants to deal with chaos on their big days, so make sure you are ready.

Converse coach at your wedding

You can’t be wrong with DIY

DIY’s marriage became increasingly popular because people wanted to ensure that everything was personalized at their marriage. They want to show all their guests how much they care about them by creating something unique, usually outside of ordinary elements such as fallen trees or stones that match the theme you choose.

If you want to have a DIY marriage, the sky is the limit. Start by making some ideas that you think will be fun and unique, and then begin to make them a reality. You can find a lot of online inspiration, or in magazines like Bridal Guide. With a little creativity and lots of elbow oil, you can do everything on time for your big day.

The most important thing is that you both have fun with whatever decisions you make when you come to design your wedding because this will be one of the biggest memories you have ever shared. Fast with it and enjoy every minute of the process because this is a celebration of your love.

By Cary Grant

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