8 Tips to Increase the Traffic on Your Website by using Instagram

#1. Get more traffic to your website with Instagram shopping features

Stories and posts that can be purchased on Instagram are becoming a thing of the past. Most of the time, you’ll find shoppable content on cosmetic or fashion brands’ accounts. However, generally speaking, these Instagram functions are suitable for all eCommerce businesses.

Your customers can use shopping posts to access all information about the product simply by clicking on a stick. Therefore, there’s no need to ask for the price in the comments, and US users can also check in directly from the app’s native interface.

People who do not have this chance will need to visit your site to add the item to their shopping cart and log on to your website, increasing traffic. Single Instagram posts on shopping allow users to label up to 5 products, while carousels will enable you to add up to 20 items.

In addition to shoppable posts, You can also use shoppable stories. You have to put on an item that links to your products and then drives traffic to your site this way. Take note that Instagram shopping is available to business accounts from 46 countries only, and if your nation isn’t on the list, You can’t use the hashtags of your items in posts and Stories unless you are using a VPN or similar.

Setting up is easy. It’s a simple process, and we’ve explained it in one of our earlier articles check now

#2. Get more traffic to your website by using Link in your Bio with Combin Scheduler

Since Instagram doesn’t allow its users to make clickable links available in captions, it is possible to include a customized link in your bio when you plan your next post using Combin Scheduler.

This feature means that you do not have to waste your time adding the hyperlink manually following publication. Enter the Link in the caption field, and it will show in your bio instantly. Manually changing the Link in your bio each time you wish to direct users to a particular webpage can be overwhelming. This feature can help you greatly.

To start, launch Combin Scheduler, tap on the Posts tab, and begin the process of planning. Choose an image, select an appropriate location, then set the date and time, and write an engaging caption that includes a CTA and a URL on the website.

#3. Get more traffic to your website by using CTA in bios and captions

Social media managers use call-to-actions in their captions due to reasons. CTA assists your followers in performing the conversion and explains the requirements you require from them. When you only talk about the product in your caption, with no desire to purchase or even to know more, the audience will perceive it as a simple informational text with no intention to buy it.

When you mention something in your captions with the intent to promote it, don’t simply announce it to the world. Instead, use CTAs to entice them to take an interest.

It is also possible to include a call-to-action within your bio. Right above your hyperlink, you can add a message to read, sign up or buy, or whatever else you wish you can do to direct users to your website.

#4. Make your website more popular by incorporating a Link in your Bio or Swipe Up in Stories

Most of us know that you can include the Link directly to Instagram Story so that people can swipe it and go to your site. However, Instagram allows this, but there are some limitations that only accounts with over 10,000 fans can include the swipe-up feature.

Include a link to the bio of your Story when you are making plans for the Story for the next Story to be scheduled in Combin Scheduler For those who don’t have 10k followers, we’d recommend using the Stories Link in Bio feature in Combin Scheduler. The procedure is already familiar to you:

  • Begin making plans for your Story in the app.
  • Choose the publication date and time.
  • Create the custom link displayed on your bio when the Story is published.

In the app, you can upload multiple Stories in bulk and add individual links for everyone. If you perform more important tasks, Stories are automatically published, and the Link will be updated automatically, and vice versa.

#5. Make your website more popular by promoting Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights can be a fantastic method to extend the 24-hour duration of Stories, which means they get more views. As long as you can incorporate everything into Highlights, it’s best to include something valuable to your clients and, at the same time, it’s profitable for you.

You can, for instance, create a highlight for your services or products, such as shipping and payment options, as well as your address, price, and other information. If you have more than 10k followers click at:comprar 100k seguidores instagram and are qualified to pin a hyperlink right inside the Highlights, make sure to do it to boost traffic to your site.

Make sure to update your Highlights but do it. If you don’t, new followers will be flooded with useless information, which reduces conversion rates.

#6. Make your website more popular by using ads

Automated or organic promotion is a good thing for Instagram to grow your page. However, it’s absurd to argue that it’s not possible to raise your profile without paid advertisements significantly.

Instagram paid posts, which contain an embedded link to a website, can be a way to increase the number of visitors to websites. If your ads’ target audience is configured correctly, the revenue you earn from sales will outweigh the expenses on advertisements.

It is important to determine your intended audience and a similar audience. If you do this, you’ll hit the target.

#7. Get more traffic to your website by using influencers

Influencers on Instagram usually have a loyal and active crowd who are willing for them to talk to preferred bloggers and buy the products they have to offer. It doesn’t matter if they have more than a million followers or an influencer with a mere 2k followers. If the people following them are interested, you will certainly boost sales or, at a minimum, brand awareness.

Influencers can be more than uninvolved blogger who suggests your products or services, but rather an ambassador for your brand. If you do this, you can be assured that sales will increase dramatically.

To achieve this, it is necessary to ensure that you meet two requirements:

  • The influencer’s influence has relevance to the brand and your target audience.
  • The followers of an influencer are real and active people, not bots.

#8. Make your website more popular by utilizing UGC

The content created by users can be sold to the highest bidder. It’s a psychological trigger we all are susceptible to. If we observe that people similar to us purchase something, and they love it so much they review the product, we think that the product is worth the purchase.

Check out what people say about your product on social media platforms and reward them for sharing their opinions. For example, you can offer a discount for those who share an article with your brand or highlight them on your page. A few of them may eventually become brand ambassadors. If organically generated positive feedback is distributed through the Instagram account, this acts as social proof and entices people to test your high-quality product.

You’ll find 135k postings featuring UGC that the company uses to gain profit.

The clothing brand River Island caters to user-generated content on Instagram and also showcases customers on its page. Additionally, they include a CTA in their bio that invites users to use a hashtag associated with the brand when uploading pictures wearing River Island clothing.


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