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Platform for Domestic freelance work and part-time

1. Programmer Inn (recommended)

Programmer Inn is a very leading freelance work platform in China, providing stable online job opportunities for mid-to-high-end programmers, product managers, designers, and other Internet-related personnel, including freelance work, remote work, and part-time work, and also supports on-demand employment,

There are many working modes, I recommend everyone to try it if you are interested.

Although the name is Programmer Inn, in addition to programmers, Internet-related personnel such as product managers, designers, etc., can all find suitable projects on it. Those who are interested can experience it.

2. CODING Code Market:

Coding’s Internet software outsourcing service platform, platform is mainly outsourcing.

3. Open source crowdsourcing: 

Open source China’s crowdsourcing platform is mainly based on crowdsourcing.

4. Pig Bajie: 

The place to find a part-time job is mainly for entry-level projects, not suitable for professional programmers, only for novices.

5. British Selection: 

The platform is mainly based on customized development outsourcing services, and it is also an outsourcing project platform.

6. Kuaima crowdsourcing

7. Mayigeek crowdsourcing platform

8. One morning and one night platform

9. Development State

10. Renren Development

11. Centimeter Footprint

12. Sxsoft

13. Yuanjisong Express

14. Realize the web portal

15. Smart City Outsourcing Network

Freelance work and part-time jobs abroad

1. Upwork: 

Upwork is the world’s largest, best, and most standardized comprehensive human resource outsourcing service platform, which was merged by the famous Elance and oDesk. With 9 million freelancers from all over the world, you’re sure to find a job that’s right for you.

2. Freelancer: 

The types of jobs at cover many different fields, from programming to marketing, advertising, accounting, legal, and a series of remote jobs.

3. Dribbble: 

You read that right, Dribbble is not just the world’s most popular designer community, it’s also a great place for designers looking for remote work. Since it was acquired by Tiny, Dribbble’s recruiting attributes are gradually increasing. Try to continue to post your good works and wait for your Bole. Similarly, you can follow the Jobs page and submit your resume to your favorite Team.

4. Stackoverflow: 

Stackoverflow, which is well-known to most programmers, is itself a remote work company for all people. Programmers have great innate advantages in remote work. There are remote job screenings in Stackoverflow Jobs, and there are a wealth of remote technical positions here.

5. 99designs: 

99designs is an employment platform for designers, where you can participate in design competitions, bid on open projects, and provide employers with one-on-one professional services.

6. Remoteok: 

Remote or not only offers initial part-time remote jobs but also full-time, contract, and internship jobs. Site founder Pieter Levels, a digital nomad himself, is also the founder of 

Toptal is a high-end freelance platform for remote workers who are more experienced and hard-working. It connects businesses with software engineers, designers, and business consultants worldwide.

8. Angellist

AngelList is mainly a platform for startups and angel investors. There are also remote work opportunities provided by startups. If you are interested in joining startups remotely, you can try it.

9. Topcoder: 

Topcoder attracts the world’s top programmers through algorithm competitions. He will divide a large project into many small modules, and hand them over to users through the competition mode. The winner can get a bonus for the specified module.

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