Advantages of Learning Arabic

Advantages of Learning Arabic

Advantages of Learning Arabic Language in 2022


As the 5th most commonly spoken native language, Arabic is a blend of different language skills and can be applied to 20 different countries. Three hundred million people are its native speakers. We should start learning this prodigious language by now as it will help develop the skills to live, work, and interact with a more diverse set of countries. Some reasons why we should start learning Arabic by now are listed below.

Start by Bismillah

Allah has chosen Arabic as the liturgical language of our religion, Islam, and that’s why the Holy Quran, Hadeeth, and all other Islamic teachings are in this prestigious language. It has the qualities and features which make this language unique and discrete from other 6,500 languages. The fact that He opted for Arabic alone serves as a reason to learn Arabic. You may also like to learn about the Quran classes.

The language of the Holy Quran

The Quran was revealed in Arabic 1400 years ago. The language which was given such importance and higher place back then is really important for us to learn now as we can understand the Quran more righteously. If we can understand what the Quran is saying, it’ll help us memorize and implement its teachings in our daily lives. In this way, we’ll become good Muslims.

Teachings of Islam

The teachings of Islam are vastly in the Arabic language. This includes the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , the Sunnah and the Hadeeths that has been given to us. Many of these books have been translated to English, but the proper and literal meaning will be achieved through learning and practicing Arabic.

Accession of devotion

If one cannot understand the other person’s language, it’s really. Hard to form a strong connection. The same goes for the connection. Between a Muslim and Allah وتعال سبحانه. How can we understand the orders and teachings if we don’t know its language? When Arabic is used and understood. it’ll create a deep and strong connection with Allah وتعال سبحانه and in return, it’ll increase our devotion as our love for Islam will grow the more we understand and reflect upon our religion.

To avoid misconceptions

If we can understand the language of the Holy Quran, we can quickly omit any misconception and false facts, most specifically about our religion. Many people use the Quranic verses out of context and provide sub-standard interpretations. This issue can be resolved by having our true understanding of both the religion and the Holy Quran.

Opening of new doors

Arabs are very proud of their language. If the native speaker of Arabic hears a foreigner speak a few words in Arabic, they would be curious and happy to help you learn their language. When you learn a language, you’ll be able to appreciate the region’s unique way of living, cuisine, literature, music, art, culture, and the people living there. We’ll be able to understand the values that are important to them, such as Arabs are amazingly hospitable, dignified, and honorable. They treat their guests the same way.


To be good and practicing Muslims, it’s concluded that Arabic plays a major and important role. If we’ll be able to understand it, then our Iman will increase in these tough. Times of widespread viruses as it’ll not be able to shatter our beliefs and make us hopeful. Arabic, the language of past, present, and the future will play an important role in strengthening our views and helping us improve our personalities.

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