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Dating back millennia, astrology has been applied to studying human nature and forecasting natural phenomena. In contrast, Evolutionary Astrology is a more obscure branch of science that focuses on the individual’s soul journey, kundli and karmic patterns.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

In contrast to traditional astrology, which primarily analyzes personality and life events, Evolutionary Astrology considers how a person’s soul develops over time. This viewpoint uses the individual’s birth chart to deduce their former incarnations and karma’s role in shaping their present. You can check your free kundli

According to proponents of Evolutionary Astrology, a person’s birth chart contains information about the lessons and problems they must overcome in this lifetime so that their soul can continue on its journey of growth and evolution. By internalizing these truths, one can consciously pursue goals that align with their soul’s calling. 

Cause and Effect: Karma

Karma is an important concept in Evolutionary Astrology because it helps explain why certain things happen to certain people. Karma refers to the law of cause and effect, where our acts in past lifetimes generate imprints on the soul that affect our current life. These karmic imprints and the difficulties one may have in overcoming them can be seen in one’s birth chart.

For instance, a difficult aspect between Saturn and the Moon may suggest that the native had to deal with emotional distance and dread of intimacy in a previous life. They may face difficulties in their romantic relationships in this life as they work to transcend past karmic habits and learn to connect more deeply with others.

Why Freedom of Choice Is So Crucial

Although karma is given considerable weight in Evolutionary Astrology, free will is also acknowledged. While it’s true that everyone has karmic patterns they need to work through, it’s also true that everyone has the agency to make decisions that further their soul’s purpose and propel them forward on their spiritual journey.

With one’s birth chart, practitioners of Evolutionary Astrology can gain insight into their soul’s path and learn to make more deliberate decisions in their daily lives. Doing so will allow them to make decisions that help them develop spiritually and achieve more happiness.

Positive Effects of an Evolutionary Approach to Astrology

There are many advantages that people can gain by using Evolutionary Astrology, such as:

  • They have more deeply comprehended their soul’s journey and ultimate goal.
  • A complete comprehension of the difficulties and lessons that may await them in this life.
  • The maturity to make decisions that serve their soul.
  • A deeper understanding of oneself and a sense of maturation.
  • Understanding of the inner workings of relationships and karmic cycles.

The Distinctive Features of Evolutionary Astrology Compared to Conventional Astrology

To analyze a person’s life path, both Evolutionary Astrology and conventional astrology look to the birth chart, although these two schools of thought have quite different foci. As opposed to Evolutionary Astrology, which is concerned with the individual’s soul journey and karmic patterns, traditional astrology is more concerned with personality traits and events in one’s life.

In classical astrology, a person’s birth chart is considered an unchanging blueprint of who they are. Evolutionary Astrology interprets the birth chart as a living, changing map of the individual’s soul’s development throughout their lifetime.

Past-Life Regression and Evolutionary Astrology

The combined use of previous life regression and Evolutionary Astrology can shed light on a person’s spiritual development. A person’s present existence might be affected by their actions and decisions in former lifetimes, which can be investigated through past life regression. One’s karmic patterns and the extent to which they affect one’s present existence can be better understood by examining one’s former life.

One of the main tenets of Evolutionary Astrology is that one’s birth chart can shed light on one’s karmic patterns and the lessons one must learn in this incarnation. Individuals can learn more about their soul’s path and the trials they may experience in this lifetime by combining previous life regression with Evolutionary Astrology.

Why a Qualified Evolutionary Astrologer Is Crucial?

Because of the complexities and subtleties inherent in Evolutionary Astrology, it is crucial to collaborate with an experienced Evolutionary Astrologer. A competent Evolutionary Astrologer can shed light on the significance of one’s birth chart in light of one’s spiritual development.

In addition, with the help of an Evolutionary Astrologer, one can make deliberate decisions that are in harmony with their soul’s mission. Relationship dynamics and karmic patterns can be better understood, and they can help individuals better manage the problems and lessons they may face in this lifetime.


As a new branch of astrology, Evolutionary Astrology takes a different tack by analyzing a person’s karmic history and the soul’s development. It can help people get insight into their soul’s odyssey and the teachings and trials they may encounter in this incarnation. Individuals can better understand their soul’s journey and karmic patterns by combining Evolutionary Astrology with previous life regressions. 

By Cary Grant

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