AWS Certification Salary, Jobs and Scope in 2022 

AWS certification

As we move from year to year, I am sure that every IT Professional goes through this constant query in their mind that what could be the scope of AWS Certification in future and will it offer me better career growth options? From this perspective, you can go through the following piece of content which covers everything you need to know about AWS Certification Salary, Jobs and Scope in 2022. 

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AWS certification salary range 

$57-134K : From a compensation standpoint, those who hold AWS certifications can expect to earn around $57-$134K per year on average. Entry-level salaries begin at about $73K, with top earners earning over $250K per year. Those who work for large global consulting firms like Accenture can also expect high salaries earning an average of about $106K per year. This may seem a little high compared to what AWS consultants make overall but it is important to remember that IT consulting as a whole pays extremely well; there are companies out there paying their consultants (with no particular skill set) upwards of $130K just based on seniority. The more time you spend working as an IT consultant (no matter what company you are working for), generally means higher wages, especially within technology circles. For those looking to become cloud architects specifically related to AWS technologies, then you should be able to easily surpass these numbers if your skillset is up to date. 

The future of AWS jobs 

As more companies continue to turn to cloud computing as a cost-effective way of expanding their IT resources, demand for experts with AWS certification will rise considerably. As an entirely cloud-based infrastructure and set of services, enterprises will need professionals who can manage not only AWS but also maintain it. In fact, research firm MarketsandMarkets forecasts that AWS will grow from $4.84 billion in 2017 to $8.03 billion by 2022, an almost 50% CAGR over five years. With growing businesses turning to cloud solutions for business continuity planning and disaster recovery capabilities among other things it’s no wonder we’re going to see demand for those with hands-on experience skyrocket over the next several years too. 

AWS jobs by state 

Top 10 states with largest number of jobs were California (51K), Texas (48K), New York (45K), Florida (40K), Illinois (38K), Pennsylvania (37K), Ohio (36K) Virginia(35 K) Michigan(32 K) North Carolina(31 K) Georgia(29 K). Check out top 5 states with highest salary Washington ($96,508 per year average AWS salary); Massachusetts ($95,717 per year average AWS salary); California ($90,551 per year average AWS salary); Oregon($89 858 per year average AWS salary); Nevada($87 227per year average AWS). 

How many people work with AWS? 

It is estimated that more than 5 million professionals are working globally with AWS platform. The figure is expected to double by 2023. Just to put things into perspective: It took Google 4 years to achieve its first million users, but Amazon did it within 3 months of launching AWS! If you want a career with guaranteed growth for next 10 years (that’s what we call a winning job market), then going for AWS certification seems like a smart choice. 

AWS job types by experience level 

As you might expect, each of these IT jobs roles also comes with its own salary range. To get an idea of what to expect from each of these jobs across various experience levels and locations, here’s a quick look at what you can expect to make on average: Wages for entry-level AWS pros are about $72K per year. That figure rises to around $92K for mid-career AWS workers; meanwhile, IT pros with ten or more years under their belts can land between $110K and $144K per year. 

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