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The types of car insurance in the United States ( Coverage ) generally have the following 

In any kind of accident, no matter which party is responsible for the accident, the insurance company will pay the insurer, pay for your car and your bodily injury, and also pay for the other party’s car, and pay for the other party’s people and property. The United States currently stipulates that the minimum purchase insurance amount for full coverage is $15,000 for the other party’s vehicle, and the minimum purchase insurance amount for each car accident is $30,000. Of course, Full Coverage also includes your car being stolen, burnt, or any natural or man-made accident… 

General loans or Leased cars, loan banks, or car dealers will force you to purchase full insurance, There are also certain requirements for the choice of the insurance compensation amount. It is generally recommended to buy full insurance so that you can protect yourself. 

 Personal injury liability insurance / Bodily Injury Liability: 

When you are at fault, it is used to pay for the other party’s bodily injury, Such as medical and even funeral expenses. Some will also pay legal fees, mental damage fees, etc. If the accident is serious, the other party may sue you for huge compensation. Generally, the agent will recommend buying this file for at least $25,000 ~ $50,000. Most states require personal injury liability insurance to be purchased. 

Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection:

 Insurance is used to pay for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers in the car, generally including medical expenses, lost work expenses, and funeral expenses. The general advice is that if you already have good medical insurance, you can not buy it, but if there are other passengers in the car, this is still needed. 

Property Damage Liability Insurance/Property Damage Liability:

 When you are at fault, it is used to pay for the property damage of the other party. Property damage here usually refers to damage to someone else’s car, but also includes when you hit a pole, fence, building, etc. Most states require property damage liability insurance to be purchased. 

Collision insurance / Collision:

 When purchasing collision insurance, you will generally be asked to choose a deductible, which ranges from $250 to $1000. The deductible, also known as the deductible, means that in the event of a collision, the insurance company only pays out more than the deductible. That is to say, if you choose the deductible of &250, after the accident, you have to pay the 250 out of your pocket first, and the insurance company will be responsible for the excess. So the higher the deductible, the lower the premium will naturally be. 

The new car is still recommended to buy collision. Liability

Comprehensive accident insurance/Comprehensive:

Covers the loss of the car caused by an unknown object or natural disaster. It doesn’t matter if it’s stolen, set on fire, flooded, smashed by a tree, etc. Comprehensive also has a deductible. 

Uninsured or underinsured driver insurance / Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverage:

 This insurance is bought to pay for yourself. Driving on the road, in the unfortunate event of being hit by a ‘streaking’ driver, he is too poor to pay you, or the driver’s insurance coverage is not enough to compensate for your losses or is hit and run, this insurance will lose money to you. In addition, if the above situation occurs when you are walking, it is also guaranteed in this case. In some states, this insurance is mandatory. 

(Liability) means that if you buy a semi-insurance, no matter what accident happens, the insurance company is only responsible for paying for the other party’s car, the injury and property damage suffered by the other party’s people, and not for yourself and your car. This kind of insurance is very cheap in terms of price because the insurance company only insures the other party’s injury, the other party’s car damage, and property damage. This kind of semi-insurance (Liability) is also the most basic requirement of the law to purchase motor vehicle insurance, 

a factor that affects the price of auto insurance. When  

many people buy auto insurance, they will reduce the insurance amount or increase the self-payment limit to reduce the insurance cost, and the premium will be affected by other A lot of objective factors affect 

* whether the driving record 

has speeding tickets, violations, DUI drunk driving, etc., or whether you have had an accident recently, applied for an insurance claim, these will affect the premium 

*Age and driving years 

We provide discounts on driving years for domestic driver’s licenses 

* Marital status 

Married people will have lower premiums than singles 

*The address 

the insurance company will look at the address and the frequency of accidents in the data to determine the premium, so the address will affect your premium 

The model of each car is different and the price is different, is based on the database to see the accident rate of the car type accident, to determine the 

*multiple car discount 

* profession 

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