Child Care

Whether they are toddlers or infants, children are all different from each other and need different kinds of attention and affection. Parents or Guardians play a crucial part in their development. We, as parents, are not only helping in their delicate, gross, and motor skills development, but we are forming their personalities and developing their lookout towards life. Looking after infants or toddlers is complex and challenging due to tantrums and crying but taking care of teenagers and young children is also a task. Different methods are elaborated below to understand the concept of taking care of a child: You may also like to learn about the Online Quran classes for kids.


For the proper physical and mental development and growth of a kid, it is necessary to set a proper routine for them and make them follow that timetable from a very early age. Their wake-up and sleeping time should be set, and they should follow it. Proper sleep aids in the mental development of a child. Similarly, time for other tasks and activities should be set.  


Healthy food is essential for every one of us, but a child at an early age needs all the healthy and nutritious food for better growth. The parents are always concerned about the food intake of their kids. For some kids, it is challenging to feed them as some of the kids are very picky about their food and give a hard time to their parents. The parents have thought of different methods to provide them the proper nutrition. When the children are under one year, mother feed is the best food for them as it is full of nutrition great for immunizations. Even in Islam, it is told to Muslim women to feed their children for up to two years. As the child starts growing, they should be provided food from all food groups to grow well. Get the idea from Online Madrasa classes.


Fun activities and playtime must also be introduced to kids. This is also a form of showing care and love to kids. Kids are happy when they are given enough time to play and explore things independently. They should not be bound physically and given the freedom to choose the games and sports which attract them the most. Also, they should be introduced to age-appropriate toys and books that help them in their mental growth. It is also mentioned by Holy Prophet (SAW) that whoever has a child should be a child with him as he also used to play with his grandsons and set an example for parents and grandparents that they should indulge in playing activities with kids.  


In today’s times, mobile phones and other gadgets are found in every single household. Every one of us is used to it, so it’s a bit impossible to keep kids away from these things completely, but we should try our level best to involve them more in physical activities rather than giving them screen time all time. 1 to 2 hours of screen time for kids must be enough, but an eye should be kept on the content that kids are watching as the stuff they watch influences their personality a lot. 


Kids develop their personalities from a very early age. Their brain absorbs everything they see. They do what they see. If they want to instill good habits in their kids, parents themselves should adopt those habits. We as Muslims should lead our lives according to the teachings of Islam so that kids develop those habits also. Praying in front of kids helps make kids understand prayers and their importance. As parents are the first school of kids, their personality should be liked by ALLAH (SWT), so the kids also become good Muslims and human beings.  Get the idea from Online Female Quran Teachers.


The process of child-caring is different for everyone and every way. There are different Islamic and scientific theories on how to take care of a child, but the child-caring itself is a full-time job, which seems complicated sometimes and sometimes feels like a piece of cake. May ALLAH (SWT) help us raise and take care of kids and make it easy and rewarding for everyone.  

By Cary Grant

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