How to Create a New Outlook Email Account for the Users?

Create Outlook Email Account

We all know that Outlook is one of the most famous email service providers in the world that allows users to communicate with anyone over the world. So, if you are curious to know the process of create Outlook email account, you’ve come to the right page. However, if you have no idea how to sign up for an Outlook email account then, do not worry and take help from this below-mentioned step-by-step guide in creating your own Outlook account:

This article for the people who are looking for the exact process to create an email account on Outlook they just need to follow the procedure provided for the users to see how they can create Outlook email account on the same and they can see the process thoroughly to set up Outlook email account.

Steps to Create Outlook Email Account for their use –

With the help of your free email you can get the access to your email, calendar, tasks and contacts anywhere and also anytime from the device they want to use with the only use of internet connection. Now you are ready to begin the steps to sign up outlook mail.

  • To begin the steps to create Outlook email you can go to any of the browsers you are using and then on the browser they need to visit the website of sign up screen.
  • Now make sure to click on the option to create Outlook email account so that they can move ahead and then they can move ahead.
  • In this step they need to fill in the username which you want for your account and then from there they can type in the desired email which will come before
  • To get Outlook email account that also a new one they need to see the drop down menu and then from there they have to select as the default and then that too of
  • Now you can select a hotmail address and then from there you need to click on next button.
  • After this make sure to click on password option and then select a new password for you and then you have to click on next button for the next step to get new Outlook email address.
  • Now you have to enter the name of people and they can name the people by typing in first as well as your last name and then make sure to tap on the next button.
  • After selecting the country as well as your region you need to fills in your birth date and then you can click on Next button.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA which will be there on the screen in front of the screen and then you have to click on the display a welcome screen.
  • Now you can access your Outlook account and then you can access it using the details which you have selected for your account and then you can use the same details to login into your account anytime you want to.

This method, using the above-mentioned steps correctly, you’ll be able to make your ‘Outlook email account’ in order to access email, news, services, and more.

We hope that the information which we have provided you was helpful as well as beneficial and useful for you and you are happy with the information.

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