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If you are here in this blog to look for the best ways or you can say the best and simple steps to create a Hubspot account then you are at the right place as here in this blog we are going to talk about the same and here we are going to tell you that how you can very easily set up your account on Hub spot and very easily access it as well as use it. As soon as you get to know about the same you can simply see the movies like Aladdin singing Genie with some very magical moments and special powers.

So, without any delay let us look at the easy steps which will help our readers to set their account on Hub spot and enjoy the features they like to and want to. We have selected some very good and nice steps which if you will try you will get the desired outcome without much hassle.

Steps to try to get done with the setting of hub spot account –

1 Inviting your colleagues and clients

a. It is not necessary that you have a lonely Hub spot account you can very easily add up your clients as well as your colleagues to your account and in this step let us talk about it. Initially, you need to look at the icon of Settings gear in the hub spot and from there you can move ahead to the next step.

b. Next step is to ass new users to the hub spot account but you can do this one by one if you do not want to do it this way you can add new users with their only email address or you can also go for bulk upload via a CSV.

c Once you have added all the people you want to use their email addresses you now just need to select the level of rights and the things which are accessible to them on this platform.

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2 Connecting other social media accounts to Hubspot

One of the best marketing machinery is social media for a very obvious reason which is its popularity. There are a large number of social media management and products and also services in the market and you can add up them to the hub spot for which the steps are too simple.

a. You need to select platforms which you want to add like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter too, and once you have selected the platforms you want you can move to the next step.

b. Now you need to login into the platform you have selected and after login, you also need to grant hub spot the permission to access and also post on your account on your behalf, and once it is done tada! your procedure is completed. And there is one more thing you must be aware of youtube can be now connected to Hub spot too.

3 Importing your contacts

The users can import their contacts, companies, deals and they can even opt-out of email lists without much hassles and chaos when they are migrating from a CRM to the hub spot sales version you can do this very quickly and very easily too.

When you are selecting the contacts and deals to import you can directly do this with the help of the splash page which breaks down very easily and here are the exact steps which you need to follow in order to prepare a CSV sheet that you can upload.

You can select to upload any document and the multiple documents too if you want to and then you can define whether the things you have selected are a list of companies, deals, contacts or they are lists which you are uploading. Along with this, you can sign into the Hub spot with the Gmail address you already have and from there you can even select and choose which contacts you wish to upload and import and which they do not want to all the existing Gmail contacts you have and that too without even using CSV upload for the same.

We hope that the information which we have provided to our readers via this blog was helpful for them and they get to know the best information they want and it was also useful for them and not only this but by trying these steps we really hope that our users were able to create an account on Hubspot as well as set it up too.

These were some very easy and simple stuff which you can use whenever you want to and you can also unlock a new digital world for you with the same and it will be beneficial for you the readers.

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