Four Key Steps to Achieve Your Website Objectives

Website Objectives

Whether you are making a new website for a business, or just want somewhere to share your thoughts on a topic of interest, there are several techniques that you can adopt to boost your chances of achieving your website objectives. In this post, we focus on four key steps that can help you to generate more traffic and revenue.

Focus On the Design of Your Website

The design of your website is extremely important and even if you lack the technical skills to create a website from scratch, a high-quality website builder with AI capabilities will automate much of the process.

When it comes to web design, it is especially important to ensure your site is optimised for mobile users and easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices. You should also prioritise fast loading times. According to Google Analytics data, 53% of mobile website visits are abandoned if the page takes longer than three seconds to load.

Adopt a Content Marketing Strategy

To consistently attract website traffic over time, you need to regularly add new content. This content should be high in quality, relevant to your target audience and, ideally, evergreen. You can then use it as part of a content marketing strategy, deploying SEO techniques to increase visibility on search engines.

As long as you follow simple content marketing techniques, like keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner, you can attract clicks from search engine users. Once they follow a link to read the piece of content, they are on your website and you can try to generate sales, or attract sign-ups.

Maximise Your Income With Adverts

Your website is a potential revenue source, even if you are not directly selling products or services from it. If you place adverts on your web pages, you will be able to earn money every time one of your website users clicks them.

Google AdSense is the biggest and easiest advertising programme to turn to for this, but alternatives include and PropellerAds. Irrespective of which platform you use, it is important to keep ads minimal and unobtrusive. When this is the case, evidence shows that targeted ads can actually decrease website bounce rates, as people who see ads for products or services they like then make a positive association with the website the advert is on.

Use Social Media to Generate Traffic

Finally, you should try to use your social media channels to generate traffic as well, as many users discover brands or special interest websites through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing content, but there are also some highly effective methods for using Instagram to increase website traffic too, such as including a link in your bio, or working directly with influencers.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the nature of your website and your broader objectives, you are going to want to generate high-quality traffic. Using tried and tested content marketing and website design techniques can assist with this, while social media is also an effective tool. Once you have steady traffic, you can use unobtrusive ads to generate revenue from your site.

By Cary Grant

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