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New York is the 4th most connected state in the US, having broadband coverage almost everywhere. Being such a well-known state the residents and businesses of New York are not short of options. New York has all the types of connections available everywhere, except fiber internet, which is available only among 64% of people. Other services like cable, DSL, and satellite internet are available all around the city.

Satellite internet does cover the entire city, but the internet service is extremely interrupted due to the city having a lot of buildings and trees blocking the way of your connection from the satellite. This is why cable or fiber internet is the most popular option in NYC as the city is full of high apartments and buildings, the option is not only reliable but also affordable.

Best ISPs Across New York

Although many companies provide their services in New York only a few ISPs are seen dominating. Earthlink, Spectrum, AT&T, and HughesNet are the main ISPs in the city. Let’s look at Cheapest Internet services in different areas of New York City.

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is one of the most populous towns of New York City and is home to famous landmarks like Coney Island. Spectrum covers around 27.8% of Brooklyn, giving a solid cable internet option to New York’s residents. DSL Internet is available to an astounding 99.7% across Brooklyn and is mostly provided by EarthLink. EarthLink offers DSL in 4 plans, with speeds of up to 15 Mbps. Living on the outskirts? Do you have cable Internet in your area? HughesNet is one of the best options in this case, as it provides 100% coverage and 4 plans consisting of 25 Mbps speeds to the residents of Brooklyn.

Manhattan, New York

Manhattan is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Broadway. All of these icons are located in the heart of Manhattan, the most densely populated town of New York City. Manhattanites have easy access to a basic broadband connection as 100% of the city has access to plans of 25 Mbps speeds or above tv internet deals . Due to the dense population, the service distribution across Manhattan is sometimes limited or uneven. One of the most well-known ISPs in Manhattan, covering a majority of the area, is Spectrum. Spectrum offers cable internet that starts from 100 Mbps speeds and fiber connectivity offering up to 940 Mbps in select neighborhoods. Spectrum does not only offer Internet services to Manhattan’s residents but also cable TV. Among many TV packages, Spectrum’s ‘gold’ package consisting of 200+ channels pops out the most.

Queens, New York

Queens is a town, home to the Flushing Meadows, Museum of Moving Image, and hosting the annual US Open Tennis Tournament. With a high population, Queens has 7 residential ISPs offering 3 connection types, fiber, cable, and DSL. Fiber availability in Queens is at 99%, and to make things better the connection has 6.5% better download speed performance than the other boroughs of NYC. Spectrum again stands among many other ISPs in Queens providing 100% coverage and the best speed value up to 940 Mbps. It provides fiber cable internet, cable TV, and home phone services to around 68,000 Villagers. Other than Spectrum, Queens has EarthLink that provides 15 Mbps DSL to around 61.8% of the residents of Queens. As for satellite internet, HughesNet is the king as it dispenses 25 Mbps stable speeds with 100% coverage.

Bronx, New York

Home to the famous baseball team, The New York Yankees. The Bronx is situated in the northernmost area of New York City. Almost everyone in the Bronx has access to 250 Mbps and is covered by at least three different ISPs.
Like other towns, the most used form of network in the region is cable and fiber. Compared to other areas Spectrum’s coverage in The Bronx is really low, around 1.3%. Here EarthLink is more famous with 99.0% availability, providing plans that build up to 15 Mbps DSL speeds. Coming to wireless networks, AT&T holds the throne with 100% coverage. Its DIRECTV has a great presence in this area as well.

Staten Island, New York

The southernmost region of New York, Staten Island has mesmerizing beaches and the lowest population in the city. Part of the reason why a majority of residents have access to bandwidth via traditional cable TV wires. Spectrum performs excellently in these parts as well, giving out at least 100 Mbps internet speeds to 100% of Staten Island residents. Staten Island also has EarthLink providing 15 Mbps speeds with DSL connectivity to 96.4% of the borough. HughesNet is yet again the top satellite internet provider with 100% availability and decent speeds of up to 25 Mbps. Ideal for residents who live farther away from cable-centric neighborhoods

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