How can teens prevent cyberbullying?

How can teens prevent cyberbullying?

How can teens prevent cyberbullying?

The bullying that is done by using digital technologies is considered cyberbullying. In the time these digital technologies have become an integral part of life, we have witnessed this problem of cyberbullying. This is the bullying done by sending unappropriated or threatening messages, posting humiliating and embarrassing stuff about anyone, and so many similar activities. The medium or channel usually used in cyberbullying is social media sites, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media sites, through texting or even on the gaming platform. We can say that where there is an interaction between people through digital technologies, there is cyberbullying present there. As the large audience of these digital platforms or users of these digital technologies is teens, this is the reason that it is affecting them most.

There are so many websites that post content on cyberbullying. Even you may find some content or blogs related to cyberbullying on educational or Law essay writing websites or pages. Here, we will discuss how teens can get rid of or prevent cyberbullying?

Your privacy setting:

The best way to prevent cyberbullying is to check your privacy setting and make all your details and posts private. Share your posts and pictures with only those friends who are trustworthy. For instance, if you use any social media platform, use it with a private account instead of a public. Because when you use a public account, anyone can easily see your profile or timeline. So the most important prevention is to check your privacy setting to control people who can see your post or who cannot see your most. Bullies easily target public accounts because they are easier to approach. Another important thing is that try not to share your location with others on social media.

Everything you post is permanent:

Nowadays, every single teen is using social media. The easiest and the coolest thing for them is posting different content and pictures and then getting likes. Every single teen on social media is running behind likes. And in this stupid race of likes, they forget the most important thing: everything you post on social media or in this digital world is permanent. You can delete it from one platform or your end, but you cannot delete it from everyone’s mobile phone or data. The things that you are posting happily or excitingly today may haunt you tomorrow. So it is very important to be very careful while posting anything while texting anyone because once you have pressed the share or send button, then that post, picture, or message is gone far from your hands and control into a permanent world where even after realizing you cannot do anything if someone has saved it or has taken a screenshot of it. The massive online and unknown people or audience get forever excess to it. Think thousands of times before sharing or posting anything especially pictures, anywhere and with anyone.

Do not take or share compromising photos:

The favourite tool for bullying anyone is someone’s compromising pictures or texts. Never share your compromising photos or text publicly or with someone you do not trust. Because once they get into the hand of any bully, they can use them in the worst way that you can think of. They will not believe for a while before making it public or sharing it with the people around them. Along with that, they will use it as a tool to blackmail you, bully you, or torture you. The pictures on social media do not always become a tool for bullying someone; it mostly includes the pictures, texts, or stuff you have personally shared with someone. So never share such stuff even personally with someone because you never know what the evil mind of other person is thinking about or how they can misuse it. There is a reason why it is said that prevention is better than cure because your few preventions can save you from so many problems. For instance, before sharing any stuff like that with anyone, just think for a while or question yourself whether it is right to take and share it, and are you able to publicly see it?

Keep your personal information personal:

One of the reasons for cyberbullying getting so common and becoming a big problem is that now people are easy without even thinking about once and sharing their personal information with other people. The information is called “personal” information because it is your private information, your data that you should not have to share with everyone. But the reality is not like that. Now in this digital world, personal information is not so personal. Sharing personal data is sharing personal data, and you can simply prevent it by not sharing your personal information. Do not share your personal information even if you think that you can tackle cyberbullying. Especially do not share your details and number with anyone you cannot trust or are doubtful about them even when you share your personal information like email, name, or number on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to ensure that you have checked your privacy setting.

Online friends are strangers too:

When you are a kid, you are taught not to talk with strangers, do not to meet them or take things from them. These all preventions go with an online friend too because they are also strangers. Always remember that the friends you make online are different from your real-life people or friends. Be careful while talking to them and never share pictures or data with them.

Educate yourself:

Educate yourself about cyberbullying. What it is, why this happens, how you can get rid of it? Do not wait to be bullied into getting information about cyberbullying. Educate yourself so that you can prevent it and can also help others. Because the problem of cyberbullying, also called electronic bullying, is increasing every day, especially in a state where the use of technology is a necessary part of lives. Now, kids interact with technology so early and at a very immature age. They do so many things just for fun. So educate yourself about cyberbullying, read different articles on the cyberbullying topic.

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