How do you handle a self-balancing board?

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When ordering the self-balancing board, the scope of supply always includes a rechargeable battery in addition to the scooter. It is usually similar to a car battery and is used as a rechargeable battery. As a self-balancing board comparison shows, lithium-ion batteries are primarily used so that they can convert all of their power into drive power for as long as possible. Its quality is also characterized by charging, which only takes two hours on average and therefore also promises low power consumption. Most plates are splash proof, so the magnetic levitation technology inside is not damaged. This means that, for example, rain or wet floor coverings do not penetrate the electronics to cause short circuits or the like.

What is the range of an electric scooter?

The range of the respective models in a self-balancing scooter comparison depends not only on the surface, but also on some other factors. One of them is exceeding the maximum weight. This is indicated in the offer or on the packaging of each model and can vary from 90 to 130 kg. Exceeding this maximum weight not only slows you down, but can also damage electronic components. Of course, this also means that the maximum range is not reached, which is always based on ideal conditions. So that this is not affected by twilight or darkness, the Self Balancing Scooter comparison winner and the practical LED lights. These increase safety, on the one hand, because obstacles are detected earlier and the board rider is also more visible.

What surfaces is a self-balancing board suitable for?

Depending on the model, a hoverboard comparison shows that these are not suitable for all surfaces. Level surfaces like paved roads are great for speeding up and showing off little tricks with existing gradients. However, it is also important for weather conditions, as in rain, black ice or leaves only very experienced riders keep their balance. However, uneven surfaces, such as forest floors, are an unsolvable task for some models. This is always noticeable in the driving behavior, which now no longer occupies the same road with the help of weight variation. What’s more, some electric scooters in a comparison with the hoverboard noted that after outdoor excursions they quickly showed significant scratches on the devices. Speeds of up to 15 km/h leave particularly clear signs of wear on the plastic, but have no effect on safety or speed.

What legal aspects play a role in the purchase?

Before purchasing the self-balancing scooter, it is important to know that it is not currently approved for road traffic. However, this is only limited to public traffic areas such as streets and sidewalks. Other than these paths, everyone is free to ride these hovercrafts at home, on their own property, or in parks. Due to the lack of approval, the Balance Scooter can only be purchased as an import in Germany so far. This mainly affects the instructions for use and the charging cable of the lithium-ion battery. The latter often requires an additional adapter to be compatible with European plugs. If this is not included in the scope of supply, additional costs arise for its use in addition to the purchase price, which must be taken into account. A report by Self Balancing Scooter also refers to the often very confusing German translations, which are more like a guessing game than an instruction manual. With a knowledge of English, on the other hand, it is possible to compensate for this deficiency and simply use the instructions for use in English.

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