How do you know if your wisdom teeth need to be removed?

As we grow older, there are aspects of our dental health that begin to concern us more. Many of the clients entering adulthood who visit t

clinics frequently ask us the following question: “How can I know if I have to remove my wisdom tooth?”. In this post, we answer the question.

Having good dental hygiene habits to keep the teeth healthy and ensure their proper development in the proper position to have a good bite are some of the essential requirements that you must meet to avoid any extraction. However, there may be exceptions, and these good practices may not be enough.

When we are asked how to know if I have to remove my wisdom tooth, our main answer is that it is really common that they do not have enough space to grow properly. This problem can cause crooked development, so extracting the tooth is the indicated solution to stop the displacement of the denture.

What happens when the wisdom tooth hurts?

Pain is one of the clear symptoms that you must attend to if you are looking for how to know if I have to remove my wisdom tooth, but there are also other signs to highlight: these are the extension of a cavity in the said piece, the damage suffered by the teeth nearby, the formation of cysts or the appearance of diseases in the gums.

How long does wisdom tooth pain last?

There is no exact answer to this question, as each individual case is totally different, but it can be really intense and last for a long time. There are simple solutions that will allow you to alleviate this discomfort, but if you have any symptoms that make you doubt, do not endanger your dental health and go to our clinics.

Our team of professionals is highly qualified to diagnose the best solution at all times. Remedying issues like this is always better if it is done as soon as possible to be able to detect and treat the problem from the root so that the severity does not go further.

What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

There are several issues that should concern you when looking for how to know if I have to remove my wisdom tooth:

The first of these is that they can be retained in the jaw because they cannot grow naturally, which can lead to infections, damage other teeth from their roots and even the supporting bone, or also generate fluid sacs.

A very common inconvenience is that the wisdom teeth grow partially from the gum. This makes them easy prey for bacteria that cause gum disease and oral infections. It is something important to detect since it is a difficult area to see and clean.

Another of the negative consequences that most often occurs in people with problems with wisdom teeth is crowding with adjoining teeth, damaging them because they do not have the necessary space to grow.

When there is no other choice, the extraction of the teeth is the solution that we must take to preserve the correct state of the entire dental compound. However, do not be alarmed or worry excessively about knowing if your wisdom teeth have to be removed since it is a really common practice, and your case will not be at all particular.

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Also, we remind you that you can read more advice about the world of health on our blog. We hope that this post on how to know if I have to remove my wisdom tooth has been useful to you. Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals if you have any doubts in this regard to receive personalized advice.

By Cary Grant

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