How is the price of your motorcycle insurance calculated?

How is the price of your motorcycle insurance calculated?

Each insurer has its criteria when it comes to setting the price of its motorcycle insurance. However, some are common to all companies. In concrete terms, the amount of the premium you will have to pay to insure your two-wheeler will depend on:

  • Your profile (young biker, impaired, terminated, etc.) and your license (A, A1, A2),
  • your driving habits,
  • The type of motorcycle to be insured (sports, collection, road, scooter, motocross, etc.) and its value (model, year, etc.),
  • The cylinder capacity of your vehicle.

Certain optional or additional guarantees can quickly increase your motorcycle insurance premia, such as 0 km assistance or coverage against the theft of your motorcycle. Likewise, if you want low deductibles, this will be reflected in the price. In addition, the fact that you benefit from a motorcycle bonus or penalty will also have a certain impact on the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

The premium paid will also vary from one department or city to another. Concretely, due to higher risks, your motorcycle insurance will cost you more in Paris, Marseille, or Nice than in a small Burgundian town for example.

What is the price of the different motorcycle insurance formulas?

A wide variety of motorcycle insurance contracts exist on the market. As a general rule, all insurers make several formulas available to you, depending on what you want in terms of guarantees. Broadly, there are three types:

  • The “third party” formula, which is the legal minimum to be able to drive your machine in France, since it covers you for material and bodily damage caused to others (Civil Liability guarantee),
  • The intermediate formula, includes additional guarantees, such as cover against theft, natural disasters, fires, etc. It is in a way an à la carte formula.
  • The “all risks” formula, also covers you for bodily injury and material damage, even in the event of an accident at fault.

Each insurer is free to freely determine the content of its motorcycle insurance formulas. Some will include, for example, basic legal assistance or protection of your equipment, others will not.

Of course, as the quality of coverage is progressive, so are the prices. The all-risk formula, which is very reassuring, is the most expensive.

How much does 125cc motorcycle insurance cost?

To be able to drive a 125cm3, you will need an A, A1, A2, or B license (car license) supplemented by a 7-hour training course (unless you obtained the precious sesame before March 1, 1980).

In terms of price, 125 motorcycle or 125 scooter insurance is relatively expensive, due to a high loss ratio (even more if you live in Ile-de-France), whether it is accidents or theft…

On average, the cost of insuring 125 motorcycles will be between €600 and €800/year.

If your two-wheeler has a significant value, for example, if you bought it new, you may be tempted to insure it against all risks. This will give you full coverage, but it will cost you dearly. 

If you had it second-hand, perhaps think about insuring it to a third party with possibly some additional guarantees, depending on your driving habits (parking in the garage or on the street, frequency of use, etc.).

What is the young driver motorcycle insurance premium?

Is considered as a young driver (or young license) any “new” motorcyclist who has had his license for less than 3 years and who has never been insured.

If this is your case, know that your motorcycle insurance will cost you more, regardless of the type of engine capacity of your two-wheeler. The reason is simple: all insurers apply an additional premium to young drivers, that is to say, that the basic rates will be increased, quite simply because you represent, statistically, a greater risk for the insurer.

This additional premium is legally limited to 100% of the initial amount. That is to say that if a “classic” motorcyclist pays 100 euros, you will pay 200 euros. The additional premium is degressive and disappears after the 3rd year :


1st year 100%

2nd year 50%

3rd year 25%

From the 4th year 0%

Some insurers impose conditions if you are a young driver. For example, some companies refuse to insure those under 25 wishing to drive a so-called “sports” motorcycle.

How much does the collector’s motorcycle insurance cost?

Legally, a collector’s motorcycle must be over 30 years old, but most insurers have their definition and their criteria in this area, often distinguishing between collector’s motorcycles and old motorcycles. Some do not necessarily require a collector’s registration document to offer you an insurance contract specially calibrated for exceptional motorcycles.

Even if there is no fixed rule on the matter, an old motorcycle is in principle more than 10 years old. A collector’s motorcycle can be more or less than 30 years old but must be an emblematic model in the history of motorcycles, whether American, Japanese, or otherwise.

Collector’s motorcycle insurance in principle costs less than traditional coverage because the loss ratio is lower. Indeed, the happy owners of these nuggets are very careful and only use them occasionally. You can choose a “classic” insurance policy, but we still advise you to take out a specialized collection contract, because of the savings you will make.

The insurance conditions are often quite strict when it comes to a collector’s model (old vehicle, no claim in the last 24 months, having a main vehicle already insured, secondary use, etc.). ​

How much does sports motorcycle insurance cost?

Owning a sports motorcycle (supersport or hyper sport type) is a dream for many A license holders (accessible after 2 years of A2 license and 7 hours of training). In terms of insurance, this dream has a certain cost.

The premium will be calculated according to the purchase price of your machine, its engine capacity (600cm3, 1,000cm3, or more…), your profile, your driving habits… By driving a big cube, you are part of a population at risk for the insurer, whether in terms of accidents, theft, or any other loss.

In terms of formula, third-party coverage provides you with minimal protection. If you want more complete protection, opt for additional guarantees (theft, coverage of your biker equipment, etc.) or for an all-risk contract (which will be expensive for you, regardless of your experience or profile).

If you are a young driver, insuring such a motorcycle will be more complicated: some insurers may refuse to cover you (especially if you are under 25).

If you plan to go on the circuit with your sports motorcycle, remember to take out specific insurance covering you during practice and also on the return trip to the circuit, even if the motorcycle is not running. ​

How to find cheap car insurance?

At a minimum, you must take out a third-party contract to be insured for Civil Liability and to cover material or bodily damage caused to third parties. This type of coverage is the least expensive, but also the least comprehensive.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can (more or less) reduce costs:

  • The lower the value of your motorcycle, the higher your insurance premium will be ;
  • To lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance, regardless of the type of vehicle you use, you could take out motorcycle insurance per kilometer (or “Pay As You Drive”): the premium will be calculated according to the actual use of your two-wheeler. Be careful, this alternative is only viable if you drive little or very occasionally (generally less than 10,000 km per year), and is, therefore, to be excluded if you go to work on a motorcycle, for example. In addition, you will need to install a GPS box on your machine.
  • Another possibility to pay less: reduce the number of guarantees/options you pay monthly, such as 0 km assistance, handlebar loan guarantee… The ideal is to only pay for those that matter to you, particularly given the value of your motorcycle or your driving habits (frequency of use, indoor or street parking, etc.).

Some insurers also offer discounts based on the number of vehicles insured with them. Others favor motorcyclists who are members of particular associations or clubs.

To find your motorcycle insurance at the best quality/price ratio, do not hesitate to compare your contract with other policies on the market by using an online motorcycle insurance comparator for example.

How to buy motorcycle insurance at the best price?

Today, you can subscribe to your motorcycle insurance contract entirely online. You’ll save money because the chosen policy will be relieved of the management fees/finder’s fees that often add to the cost of offline contracts.

The Hamon law allows you to change your insurance policy simply and free of charge after one year. The formalities will be handled by your new insurer.

By contracting online directly on the insurer’s website or through a motorcycle insurance broker, you will have to pay your premium electronically (credit card, direct debit, etc.) after having communicated all the information requested (type of two-wheels, profile, driving history…). Certain documents will be required: motorcycle information statement, driving license depending on the type of vehicle, registration certificate, and bank details.

You will then receive your insurance certificate, often in less than an hour by email, and within a week by post.

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