How much does Metlife car insurance cost per month?

MetLife is quite expensive for auto insurance. For an ideal customer, someone in their sixties with an excellent credit score and a clean driving record, they can expect to pay around $ 1,200 per year. But if you have a poor driving record or credit score, then there are better insurance companies for you.

How much does MetLife car insurance cost per month?

Met Life auto insurance prices can vary greatly depending on your demographics and other considerations. Met Life, as an auto insurance company, pays close attention to its customers’ credit scores and driving history when generating quotes.

Full coverage with Met Life would cost you around $ 1,224 per year, so just over $ 100 per month. However, that price assumes that you have an excellent credit score, a clean driving record and that you are 60 years old. So, in other words, you might expect a quote around that price if you are an ideal customer in the eyes of Met Life.

If you’re 20, you should expect your rates to approach $ 2,400 per year or just over $ 200 per month. Likewise, if you’ve been involved in a “fault” accident worth more than $ 1000, or have ever had reckless driving or a DWI charge, then you might expect an annual fee of $ 2,500 to $ 3,200, or around $ 210. for $ 260 per month.

In addition, the above prices assume that other categories, such as credit score and age, are not considered. So, if you are a non-ideal candidate, your annual prices could be very high and MetLife is probably not the insurance company for you.

Pros and Cons of Met Life Auto Insurance

One of the biggest benefits of Met Life insurance is that the company greatly rewards drivers with good credit scores. So, if your credit score is “very good” or “excellent”, Met Life might be a good choice for you.

Drivers with very good credit scores can expect to pay around $ 1,500 per year or $ 125 per month, while drivers with excellent credit scores could expect to pay up to $ 1,300 per year or $ 108 per month.

A downside to Met Life is that for drivers with an unsafe driving history in their record, prices will be much higher than some competitors. So, if you are a driver with unsafe driving history, other insurance providers may be a better option for you.

Also, Met Life is a bad choice for teens and young people in general and for their early twenties. If you are considered a teenager, your rates could easily reach $ 6,000 per year.

Who could benefit the most from Met Life:

Although Met Life is one of the most expensive insurance companies out there, for some people it could definitely be the best choice.

Met Life offers some special coverage, for example, they give special insurance to rideshare workers, such as Uber and Lyft drivers. They also offer 24/7 customer service, total loss replacement coverage, new car replacement, and more.

You’ll also find savings through MetLife when packing home, car, and other types of insurance.

So all in all, MetLife is a more expensive company, but for older people with good credit scores and clean driving records, and even for Uber drivers, it’s a pretty good choice for an insurance company.

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Are you looking for an Accident policy with MetLife?

Promptly MetLife, by MetLife is the product of Accident Insurance.

Accident insurance includes various risks to protect the customer from any accident such as Death, Permanent Disability, Hospitalization Allowance in the sphere of Accident insurance.

Promptly MetLife is valid both for 24/7 coverage and for Direct Compensation, but also for Age, Occupational Accident Risk, Deductible.

With MetLife insurance, you choose the guarantees and the level of protection you want.

Among the other products for the same type we have Generali Sei In Sicurezza Basic by Generali, Vitruvio Strada by Afi Esca, Amissima 3 per te by Amissima.

For other insurances, MetLife offers Mortgage , Less Male! for Accidents.

How much is the cost of Accident Insurance with MetLife?

MetLife promptly has a very variable price depending on the guarantees you choose.

The staff will help you at every stage, from the quote to the stipulation of the policy, even in the event of a claim.

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