How much does the supplementary medical insurance pay a year for the insurance?

How much does the supplementary medical insurance pay a year for the insurance?

 To further solve the problems of difficult and expensive medical treatment, most people plan to supplement medical insurance products as a supplement to basic medical insurance. In this way, if you are sick and hospitalized, it can further reduce the economic burden and play the role of insurance. In addition, supplementary medical insurance has the characteristics of comprehensive protection and affordable price, and it is very cost-effective, so it is favored by users. The following is an introduction to the specific content.

 How much does supplementary medical insurance pay per year

 Basic medical insurance is a compulsory insurance policy stipulated by the government. The expenses are jointly paid by the employer and the laborer, and the government provides subsidies and assumes the ultimate responsibility. Therefore, basic medical care has the characteristics of wide coverage and low security, so it is recommended to purchase supplementary medical insurance. There are many types of supplementary medical insurance on the market. Among them, the government-led and semi-public supplementary medical insurance contracted by insurance companies is favored by users, such as Guangzhou Huimin Insurance, Huizhou Huimin Insurance, and Suzhou Suhui Insurance.

 Guangzhou Huimin Insurance

Guangzhou Huimin Insurance is underwritten by Ping An Health Insurance Company. The insurance product has no restrictions on the insured’s age, health status, and occupational status. People who have participated in Guangzhou Medical Insurance can purchase it, and people with pre-existing conditions can also apply for insurance, so the insurance conditions are relaxed.

 Guangzhou Huimin Insurance’s annual premium is 49 yuan, and you can get comprehensive medical care at the price of a takeaway meal. The annual compensation limit of insurance products is 1 million yuan. The insurance liability mainly covers hospitalization medical expenses and specific self-paid drug expenses, and the annual deductible The amount is 20,000 yuan (the two expenses are accumulated), of which malignant tumors, liver and kidney diseases, lung diseases, and other diseases are covered by the insurance. Therefore, the insurance product has a high insurance amount and can further strengthen the economic burden.

 Huizhou Huimin Insurance

 Huizhou Huimin Insurance is supplementary medical insurance launched by the Pacific Property Insurance Company, which can reimburse hospitalization medical expenses and 15 kinds of special medicines, 49 yuan per person per year. After you are insured and are hospitalized, after being reimbursed by Huizhou Medical Insurance, 80% of the medical expenses or 15 kinds of special drug expenses paid by yourself in the medical insurance catalog can be reimbursed after deducting the 20,000 deductible.

 Suzhou Suhuibao

 Suzhou Suhui Insurance is underwritten by Soochow Life Insurance. It is medical insurance with the attributes of benefiting the people. The insurance product has annual insurance coverage of 49 yuan, an average of more than 10 cents per day. The insurance product covers medical expenses coverage with insurance coverage of 1 million yuan and an annual deductible. The amount is 20,000 yuan; in addition, the insurance product covers specific high drug costs, the insured amount is 1 million yuan, there is no deductible, and the compensation ratio is 70%.

 Supplementary medical insurance coverage

 For the semi-public supplementary medical insurance, the premium for the three insurance products is 49 yuan, which is less than 10 cents per year on average, and the insured amount is as high as one million. Therefore, the price of these three supplementary medical insurance is close to the people, and there will be no financial burden to insure. However, it should be noted that such insurance products are generally supported by local governments, underwritten by insurance companies, and limited to those who participate in local medical insurance.

 However, there are no requirements for the insurance age, health status, and occupation. Therefore, if the area where you participate in medical insurance has launched this type of supplementary medical insurance, the insurance is very cost-effective. It can be used as a favorable supplement to medical insurance and can give the insured comprehensive medical care. Orientation protects your happy life.

 There are many types of supplementary medical insurance. Among them, the semi-public medical insurance supported by the government is well received. The premium of this type of insurance product ranges from tens of yuan, and you can get up to one million medical care, and most citizens will not be financially burdened by insurance. , can effectively make up for the lack of medical insurance, so that you have no worries about medical care and medical treatment. If the area where you pay medical insurance does not offer supplementary medical insurance for the people, you can also choose a commercial supplementary medical insurance on the Huize Insurance Network to protect your happy life.

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