How to finance college? See 3 alternatives to get money!

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If your dream is to study at a quality college and you think it’s not possible due to financial difficulties, know that we are here to help you find the solution! After all, there are different ways to get student credit . Come with us to discover three alternatives on how to finance college !

In this article you will find:

  • How to finance college?
    • Financing through Fies
    • Financing through private banks
    • Funding by Pravaler
  • What is the best student loan?

How to finance college?

We know how the tuition fees of higher education institutions that are not free, that is, private colleges, can weigh on the budget of young university students. But calm down, this is not a reason to give up on dreams of having a degree and pursuing a career in your chosen profession.

For this, the first step is to understand how to get money to pay for your studies and check the main information on how college funding works . From there, it will be possible to find out which form of credit to choose to have the financial aid that best suits your profile and degree.

Financing the college requires the student to find good student financing , and the program will pay the tuition fees in part or in full. It is with this financial support that it will be possible to have access to a good education without having to pay so dearly for it.

To understand even more about the subject and find out what options are currently available, we have separated the three main alternatives to get money to support your studies, whether private or government. Just look!

Financing through Fies

Known by most Brazilian students, Fies (Student Financing Fund) is the federal government’s student financing program. If you are wondering how to finance college through Fies , know that it is necessary to be approved in the selection process and to be in accordance with the defined rules.

It is essential to be aware of all the requirements, rules and steps of the process of how to finance college through Fies . In this way, you guarantee this public student credit without difficulties and start paying the contracted costs only when you have already completed your graduation, which is how this benefit works.

To get Fies , the student must meet a series of requirements, both in relation to the grade taken in the Enem, a mandatory exam to obtain this funding, and in being part of a monthly family income that is up to three minimum wages per person. . In addition, it still involves a selection process to select candidates.

Over the years, Fies had some reformulations and one of them was the creation of a new modality called P-Fies . In this version of the financing, the student must have a family income of up to five minimum wages per person, that is, above the traditional program, and can still count on the contract with private banks.

Want to know more about Fies, P-Fies and find out if you fit into these public student financing modalities? So, be sure to read our full content on the topic.

Financing through private banks

There are also ways to be able to finance college without going through the Fies requirements. Yes, we are talking about private financing. In this case, the credit agreement is made directly with banks and companies that are financial institutions. It is worth mentioning that student credit is granted to freshmen or veterans, that is, for those who are yet to start college and for those who are in the re- enrollment phase .

One of the options to finance the college is with Banco BV , which is done over the internet, at any time and with the possibility of obtaining the full amount of the course monthly fee.

And there is also a way to finance college through Itaú , an option that includes having a current account, financial planning and reserve, in addition to other services offered by this bank.

Both Itaú and BV are our partners here at Pravaler. Each of these programs has specific features that you cannot miss when choosing your student credit.

Funding by Pravaler

To conclude the three alternatives that we have brought you today, another way to finance college is to rely on Pravaler. We are a private company that offers student financing without bureaucracy, with the process completely online and without the need to have taken the Enem (National High School Exam).

It’s all very simple : see the options on our website, make your simulation, go through the credit analysis and send the necessary documents to complete your contract with us. Thus, you start studying in any semester and can make a semester or annual contract.

What is the best student loan?

Understanding the best way to fund a college requires the university student to pay attention to the details of each funding, whether private or public. This way, it will be easier to assess which are the advantageous options and those that best meet your needs throughout the course.

For example, before hiring college funding, it is essential to analyze:

  • The interest rates of each student loan estimate;
  • Payment terms;
  • If the installments start to be paid during the course or after its conclusion
  • How is the hiring process done?
  • What documents are needed;
  • If you need to prove income or guarantor;

…and other criteria.

Another point of attention is to understand if only part of the college tuition will be financed or if it is one of the ways to finance 100% of the college . If it is the first, consider the values ​​in your budget, do the simulations of each option and check which credit fits best in your pocket.

See also : Understand how private student financing works .

This research step is very important. After all, you, the student looking for college funding, will be closing a contract with the government, bank or financial institution that will have an impact on your entire student journey.

And if you want more factors to compare the credit programs that we present, read the article we prepared about Pravaler and Fies . We are sure it will help you decide which is the best financing for you. Then, you just close the contract and start studying !

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