How to Motivate your Kids?

How to Motivate your Kids to Learn Online

How to Motivate your Kids to Learn Online

If you have a child who leaps out of bed eager to begin whatever type of learning is on the agenda for the day whether it’s online-only or a combination of remote and in-person then look no further. Stay right here if your child is just as puzzled and confused about this school year as you are and needs some motivation. This school year’s worry and uncertainty are not what any family wants. Children, on the other hand, are incredibly resilient and enjoy learning new things. All you have to do now is watch them fly once you’ve figured out what motivates them. Finding out what your child responds to best may require some trial and error. Keep in mind that your purpose is to assist them in achieving their own goals and ambitions. When things return to normal, save the honor-roll-pressure. Allow the excitement of learning to guide you this year. One of the worst mistakes teachers and parents can make when it comes to raising students and children who are good learners is limiting learning to the classroom. While the classroom will most likely be the primary source of education, a child’s intellectual, social, and academic growth should extend beyond the walls of the classroom if they want to actually increase their desire and aptitude to learn.

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Create a Reading Environment

Some people believe that reading is the secret to reaching life’s success. Reading is, at the very least, a requirement for academic success, according to us. Children who enjoy reading are more likely to appreciate learning. Learning is challenging for children who have trouble reading. Reading not only expands a child’s vocabulary, but it also teaches their brain how to understand concepts and formal communication. Reading fosters abilities that extend far beyond enhanced achievement in language arts classes. Students who read well have a better understanding of all subjects, including technical ones like math and physics.

Create New Incentives

Extrinsic motivators, such as grades and awards, are less effective than intrinsic motivators. Humans have an innate need to be self-sufficient, self-determined, and connected to others. People achieve more and live richer lives when their drive is freed. While transitioning from extrinsically driven to intrinsically motivated is challenging for anyone, there are some extrinsic motivators that you can use at home. Kids might be encouraged to become more intrinsically motivated by visual reminders of their accomplishments (such as a sticker chart for primary school students).

Create a Work Ethic for them

Yes, many of us want education to be back on-site, but keep in mind that learning is a lifelong process. Focus on the abilities that children are developing, the importance of seeing things through, and the sense of success when addressing academics. When it comes to designing a good game or learning dancing choreography, most kids can push themselves. Request that they use the same abilities that motivate them in other areas.

Focus on your Child’s Interests

When children are involved in areas and subjects that they are interested in, learning becomes enjoyable for them. If you actually want to assist your child to become a good student, encourage him to research themes and areas that he is interested in. Assist him in locating fascinating and entertaining dinosaur books and stories if he enjoys dinosaurs. Then have him name his top five dinosaurs and explain why each one was chosen.

Incorporate some Levity

For many children, online school is similar to traditional school but without the pleasant aspects. There will be no recess with pals or lunchtime hangouts. Find methods to bring some excitement back into their days to keep them interested. At recess, they may play a socially isolated game of hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids or spend time video chatting with friends.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this crisis, it’s to expect the unexpected. It’s possible that your child will struggle in the new learning environment. Demand the absolute minimum complement of all responsibilities and establish natural consequences for noncompliance maybe they miss out on an online playdate. Move on after empathizing with your child’s sentiments. Allow yourself a moment to re-energize and gather your power. Celebrate the small achievements and begin the next day with fresh eyes.

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