How to Recover a Suspended Twitter Account?

HOW TO RECOVER A Suspended Twitter Account

recover suspended Twitter account

unsuspend Twitter account

suspended Twitter account

How to recover a suspended Twitter account?

Imagine you have a good following on your twitter handle and one day you woke up and opened your twitter account and found that Twitter has suspended your account or your account is locked notification.

This will definitely create an abundance of anxiety and stress, but you don’t have to worry as today we are here to share the causes that lead to suspension of a Twitter account as well the methods through which you can remove your suspended twitter account.

So without wasting talking about here and there, let’s commence.

How to recover a Suspended Twitter Account?

Before diving into the ways to recover a Suspended Twitter account, we must go through what are the probable causes for better understanding this issue that makes your Twitter account go through Suspension.

Probable Causes that lead to Suspension

These are the most familiar causes behind a Twitter account suspension.

  • Spamming
  • Phoney information
  • Impersonation
  • Vulgar Language
  • Inappropriate Content.
  • Account compromised
  • or any kind of Violation of Twitter Rules and Regulations.

We believe that by the above causes, you must have gotten an idea of which cause is behind your Suspended Twitter account. 

Now that we have gotten the knowledge of are reasons that causes the Suspended Twitter account, let’s head to the Climax of the movie, how to unsuspend the Twitter account.


How to unsuspend a Twitter Account?

Let’s look at the actions that you should take when your Twitter account is suspended.

  • Issue An Appeal

It is not mandatory that a company like Twitter can’t make any mistake, it is quite probable that Twitter may have suspended your Twitter account mistakenly.

In revert of that, you can file an appeal against your suspended Twitter account.

Fix:-You just have to simply login into your Twitter account with your credentials, open the given link in the second tab and proceed.

  • Approve the Prompt

Approving the Prompts asking for your email address and phone number can unsuspend your Twitter account.

Just provide the required information such as Email address and Phone number to verify and follow the on-screen steps to get your suspended Twitter account converted into an unsuspended Twitter account.

  • The account is locked Notification.

If you are encountering a notification titled your Account is locked, then the reason behind it could be suspicious activity, Spammy or abusive behaviour displayed from your Twitter account.

In this scenario, it has been that Twitter may prevent you from tweeting, retweets and sharing or will ask for some personal information from you to verify.

You can also follow the listed steps to unsuspend your account:

  • First, you have to log into your Twitter account using your credentials.
  • Now you will notice a notification displaying that your account is locked.
  • In the next step, you have to hit on the Start button 
  • Now, fill out your mobile number.

make sure you use your number or which you access to.

Twitter will link this number with your Twitter account.

  • Then, Twitter will send you a verification code through SMS or via a verification call, if you have linked your Email to your Twitter account, you will receive an instruction mail there too.
  • Lastly, simply put the verification code in the required blank and hit on Submit button. 

By following the above steps, you may unsuspend your Twitter account and get rid of this your account is locked issue.


Finally, we have to closure, thanks to your company.

We believe that the probable reasons behind the Twitter account suspension and the ways we have provided to unsuspend the Twitter account will assist you in getting back your account and you will continue to post your interesting tweets like before.

We just suggest you abide by the Twitter Rules and terms to make sure these types of issues will never cross your way.

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