How to ride an electric scooter easily and safely?

safety protection equipment

As electric scooters become more and more popular, more people who are not familiar with electric scooters start trying to ride. So is it difficult to ride an electric scooter? No, electric scooters are relatively easy to ride, even for a beginner.

safety protection equipment

Riding an electric scooter is just as dangerous as riding an electric bike, so you need some safety protection equipment.

  1. High quality crash helmet
  2. Kneepads
  3. Elbow pads

After you’ve gained enough riding experience, you may not wear elbow and knee pads, but a helmet is always a must. The helmet will protect your safety in most scooter accidents.

A practical guide for beginners

  1. To make riding electric scooters safer, try to stay away from crowded sidewalks, busy streets, and anyone or anything you might encounter. The more you practice, the better you will be able to control the electric scooter.
  2. Once you get moving, the scooter will help you keep your balance, so remember to stay relatively still.
  3. When you are riding, if you are not sure what to do with the obstacles in front of you at any time, jump off the scooter.

Tips for safe driving

  1. Always wear safety gear, such as helmets and knee pads.
  2. Do not drive on rainy, snowy or silky roads, as it is very easy to fall down and get injured.
  3. Watch out for road curbs. A high-speed impact can easily throw you off balance or puncture the tire.
  4. Do not drive with one hand, electric scooters are not toys.
  5. Do not travel with many people. Most electric scooters are designed for single use.

How to ride an electric scooter?

Before riding, it is important to become familiar with your scooter. You must know the position of the throttle, brakes, lights and horn.

  1. Place the electric scooter on a flat road or sidewalk
  2. lift stand
  3. Find the power button
  4. turn on the scooter
  5. Put your hands on the handlebars.
  6. Find the brake handle on the left and the throttle handle on the right.
  7. Put your right foot on the scooter deck, near the steering column, and keep your left leg on the ground.
  8. Use your right thumb to push the throttle halfway (don’t worry, the motor won’t kick in yet).
  9. Start pushing the electric scooter forward with your left foot.
  10. Once you reach a speed of about 1.2 MPH (2 km/h), the motor will start and you will feel the scooter moving forward. Note: This speed value may vary slightly depending on the model of your electric scooter.
  11. Place your left foot on the board, just behind your right foot.
  12. Keep relatively still when riding a bike
  13. If you need to change your lane/direction, always look behind you and make sure nothing is approaching you from behind.
  14. Be very careful and enjoy the ride!

The best flooring for electric scooters

It is better to drive on smooth roads, such as asphalt or concrete. Uneven roads or cobbled paths are not suitable for riding electric scooters and are not safe. Many European cities, especially old towns, are paved with cobblestones, making travel bumpy, uncomfortable and unsafe.

Flat grass is also great. If you’re not sure how flat the lawn is, refrain from riding your bike. Once your front wheel gets stuck in a hole, you will get injured.

Will riding an electric scooter  hurt  ?

Los patinetes eléctricos son divertidos de manejar y muchas personas los consideran juguetes. Por esta razón, olvidan las reglas de tránsito y las precauciones de seguridad adecuadas, y son propensos a muchos peligros y accidentes en la carretera.

Errores comunes al andar en bicicleta

  1. El acelerador se ha aumentado demasiado bruscamente.

Esto hará que el scooter salte hacia adelante y que el conductor pierda el control o se caiga de la plataforma.

  1. Deténgase de repente.

Esto puede hacer que el scooter se detenga repentinamente y que el conductor se caiga o salga despedido.

  1. Sobreviraje al girar.

Al girar, es importante cambiar su peso para mantener el scooter en posición vertical. Girar demasiado el manillar hará que esto sea imposible y provocará que el scooter se caiga.

Slow and steady is the safest way to do anything on a scooter. Even if you are driving at high speed, a slow and steady action of the throttle or brake can keep you from falling.

  1. Lean on the scooter.

Leaning on the scooter while riding will change the center of balance and may cause the rider to fall.

  1. Not wearing safety gear.

The CDC reports that 45% of all-electric scooter accidents involve head injuries and wearing a helmet can prevent them. 29% of electric scooter accidents happen to inexperienced drivers. This means that most injuries can be prevented with proper safety equipment and caution.


It is very easy for beginners to ride electric scooters, but easy does not mean that there is no danger. Therefore, when driving an electric scooter, remember to wear a safety helmet, follow the driving rules and drive safely.

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