Interview Success: 5 Tips From Successful Stanford Graduate

Interview Success

To qualify for a job at a reputable organization you need to pass the recruitment criteria. This involves going through the required tests and interviews. Interview is a critical part of hiring and determines whether you are an apt candidate or not. You need to have strong communication skills, confidence, and know-how about the company. You should also know about the position you are applying for. Interview success is a crucial part of your professional career. In this regard we interviewed a Stanford graduate who completed his internship with Google and Facebook. After interviewing him we could derive 5 tips for interview success. These 5 tips from a Stanford graduate who completed his internship with Google and Facebook are worth considering.

We all know that Google and Facebook are big names in the market and candidates would do anything to get in there. For your interview success at major firms like Google and Facebook, these 5 tips will serve as a milestone. An interview process is your chance to show how valuable you are for the position. Realizing you have an interview due soon might be nerve-racking. But if you study for your interview ahead of time, you will feel confident in the interview. As per the Stanford graduate who completed his internship with Google and Facebook, you need ability, fit and motivation for interview success.

Prepare Beforehand

Consulting books to prepare for your industry-specific interview is not a bad idea. The Stanford graduate who completed his internship with Google and Facebook stressed on this. He mentioned that he studied from books and practiced issues before the interview. He also said that there is a go-to book for every profession. These books aid in the preparation of job interviews. They help by addressing anticipated interview themes and even providing practice questions. Investigate the job description and credentials, as well as the firm and interviewer. Prepare a succinct response to the question “Who are you and why should I care?” The response should be a brief, vivid, and believable expression of your beliefs. It should correspond with the requirements of the interviewer. Also, create an impromptu speech.

Adopt A Problem-Solving Mindset

The Stanford graduate who completed his internship with Google and Facebook emphasized making a problem-solving layout. He revealed that the stress of an interview is more than enough to make you go blank while answering. Example:

Devising a structure to answer questions such as for an engineering interview:

  • Repeat the question to understand and recognize it. Get all the necessary information.
  • Specify the input and output of the procedure.
  • Check your beliefs.
  • Provide a solution to the situation.
  • Consider the approach’s drawbacks.
  • Create a solution in code.
  • Use a standard test case to confirm the answer.
  • Experiment with various edge situations to see how the idea works.

Plan And Practice

He also stressed it is critical to rehearse an interview situation. Plan well before an interview. He added that if your college offers interview exercises, take advantage of them. Some firms also provide mock interviews. He emphasized the importance of taking advantage of a mock interview. The Stanford graduate also suggested that you arrange your interview in the last. This way, all the prior interviews will help as a practice session. Also, keeping a secondary plan in mind is a sensible tip. If your career or internship offer does not go as planned, you should always have a Plan B.

Make A Questionnaire

Develop a series of 3 to 5 questions beforehand. Such questions should reflect your genuine desire to be part of the organization. The questions should show that you visited the company’s webpage. And you also checked the interviewers’ LinkedIn profile. Interview success relies on how proficient your prior knowledge is about your aspiring field. The Stanford graduate who completed his interview with Google and Facebook recommends noting down questions after every interview. Along with the questions, candidates should answer those questions and mention the key areas for improvement. Once you practice on such questions that prior employers asked, you can gain experience. You will be able to answer those questions with confidence and rigor if you are interviewed elsewhere. In case of any issue with questionnaire making, get help from a good coursework help firm.

Consider Behavioral Questions

According to the Stanford graduate, you should not confine yourself to questions about your professional field. Candidate should prepare themselves to respond to behavioral questions as well. Behavioral questions include questions about professional growth and leadership. It may also fall under the categories of collaboration, teamwork, work ethics and challenges. Consider about tales from your own life that match each of these divisions. You should also record such experiences and all the details. Before the interview, it is vital that you jot down your replies to behavioral questions.

For interview success apart from these 5 tips from Stanford graduate, closing the interview on a good note is also important. Think about asking the recruiter if there are any issues with your eligibility. This enables you to tackle a problem that may not have been stated. Reaffirm your passion and interest in the position and inquire about the next phases and schedule of the hiring process. If you don’t already have the interviewer’s contact details, ask for a company card.

Following up with the potential employer is critical for interview success. Commend the interviewer for taking the time to speak with you and express your continued desire to be part of the company. Write a thank-you letter to the recruiter. This is also the time to promote your proper qualifications and reveal critical facts that you may have overlooked during the interview. Thus, for your interview success, these 5 tips from a Stanford graduate who completed his internship with Google and Facebook are worth considering. Next time you must appear for an internship interview, you can consult this guide to help you make your interview successful.

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