Is credit card travel insurance enough?

Is credit card travel insurance enough?

If you are going to travel soon or plan it, you have probably thought about purchasing travel insurance. You may have found out that credit cards include travel insurance on the Internet or through acquaintances. But what coverage do they usually have? What differences do they have concerning traditional travel insurance? To what extent are they helpful when traveling?

Advantages of travel insurance compared to those offered by credit cards.

Only some of the credit cards used in Spain and some debit cards have traditional travel insurance coverage associated with them. Of course, the main requirement for its use is that the insurance card is used to pay for the trip. Once you know if your credit or debit card includes insurance with travel coverage, read the general conditions, exclusions, and covered expenses carefully. We also recommend that you find out about traditional travel insurance and ensure it is more complete. And beneficial for your trip, especially in terms of those coverages that usually concern us the most, which are a possible cancellation of the journey or medical assistance abroad.

We will review what incidents in the trip we would have guaranteed with the card insurance and, also significant, what are the limits of covered expenses. This way, we will know what differences they have concerning traditional travel insurance and if the latter is more valuable than those offered by credit cards.

Destination and medical assistance

The main difference between travel insurance linked to credit cards compared to those contracted by the traveler is the scope of action: the former have coverage outside of Spain, while the latter can be employed depending on the need for trips within national territory or travel abroad.

In general, insurance associated with credit cards applies to journeys and stays abroad paid for with this payment method. Its coverage deals with incidents that may occur during a trip, such as serious illness, accident, or death of the insured, covering medical expenses of up to €18,000 (the item that can reach €45,000 when ambulance costs are included in it), as well as the costs of repatriation or medical transport if necessary. In many cases, these insurances take care of at least part of the transportation costs for the companion or the displacement of a family member.

In the case of insurance companies insurance, the limits on medical and dental expenses are broader, covering up to 500,000 euros, useful in tourist destinations where healthcare is expensive, such as the US, Mexico, or China. The costs of repatriation and medical transport to the hospital or home amount to 1,000,000 euros. In addition, they also include the shipment of medicines that do not exist abroad and the hiring of an interpreter in case of hospitalization.

Loss of luggage and documents

These insurances assist the traveler in searching for lost luggage, compensating financially for delays in delivery, theft, and damage. The amounts vary depending on the card and the bank, ranging between 150 and 600 euros to purchase essential items in the event of a delay in delivery of more than six hours and between 600 and 900 euros in the event of loss definitive.

Insurers’ travel insurance usually covers more expenses (about 2,000 euros) in compensation for damage and loss of luggage items. In case of loss or theft of documents such as credit cards, passports or visas, bank checks, and transport tickets, they will cost you up to 250 euros.

Problems with the means of transport

As for complications related to the contracted means of transport, travel insurance associated with credit cards covers necessities in the event of a delay of more than 4 hours with up to €150. This amount is extended up to €200 when the reason for the delay is “overbooking.” If these delays cause the loss of a link, the insurance is also responsible for up to €150. In case of cancellation of the means of transport due to a strike, the economic compensation can reach €300.

Traditional insurance also includes other types of coverage, such as the guarantee against the loss of transport due to accidents “in itinere.”  The changes in contracted services are due to the declaration of a risk zone of the travel destination or the reimbursement of unused tickets, those that we had already reserved and that we will not be able to use due to an interruption of the trip.

Cancellation and interruption of the trip

There are few travel assistance insurance linked to credit cards that cover the cancellation of a trip before it begins. Although they include circumstances of great importance, the list of causes to which the insured may avail is brief, including the death, accident or severe illness of the insured, their spouse or a first-degree relative, serious matters related to real estate, non-disciplinary dismissal, incorporation to a new company or the summons to be part of a jury.

In addition to these reasons, most travel insurance companies offer covers other situations of a more friendly nature, making this guarantee more complete. In addition to the coverage for the insured person’s death, accident, or illness, their spouse or a first-degree relative, the second-degree relatives, the companion, the professional substitute, and the person in charge of minors while the insured is away are added. This list also includes causes such as calling a polling station, pregnancy complications or miscarriage, giving up a child for adoption, summons for divorce proceedings, or declaring the destination as a catastrophic area.

Also significant is the coverage of the insurers of the reimbursement for interruption of the trip for the same reasons. If any of these reasons force you to return home during the journey, the expenses of the reservations you had confirmed and that you will no longer be able to enjoy will be refunded.

The practice of sports or adventure activities

As is the case with InterMundial, some insurance companies offer sports insurance such as Totalsports which, among other coverage. Includes travel assistance coverage along with other specific ones such as rehabilitation, search, and rescue of the insured or expenses incurred due to the use of prostheses or crutches, what’s more. There is the possibility of expanding the travel insurance with some of these sports and adventure coverages.

Customer Support

As for customer service, a crucial part of insurance companies, few travel assistance insurances are included in bank cards that guarantee a free and uninterrupted information service on your travel procedures, such as obtaining the visa and necessary vaccinations.

Legal advice

These travel assistance insurances usually advise and help the user in other types of situations, such as those related to civil liability, that is, the damages that you involuntarily cause to third parties. The insurance includes paying court costs and expenses, including judicial bonds.

Traditional travel insurance also provides you with telephone legal advice and manages your claim for damages related to transport or breach of services you have contracted.

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