Is Permanent Vinyl Or HTV Better For Mugs – 2022 Guide

Would you like to have a mug with a personalized print? Yes, they are very interesting, and they can be a very original gift. Mug printing is not such a complicated procedure. However, how long will your print last on the mug is a question that depends primarily on what you choose – permanent vinyl or HTV vinyl? In our guide for 2022, see what factors are important when making this choice.

Types Of Vinyl That Are Most Commonly Used

Today, vinyl is used for many things. We can even say that we are overwhelmed by various advertisements and offers when it comes to vinyl and what you can do with it. Vinyl foils, in general, have been used for years – but they have been slightly updated over time. However, what remains the same are the two basic types of vinyl we use. These are pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl – and heat transfer vinyl that uses heat-activated adhesive. Permanent vinyl is one of the types of self adhesive vinyl that is most often used for prints that will be exposed to the external environment. That means changes in temperature, heat, cold, humidity, etc. Permanent vinyl is most often used for prints on shop windows, car stickers, exterior signs, etc. – but it can also be used to print mugs, especially those that will be dishwasher safe.

Mug Printing By Using Vinyl

Printed mugs are an ideal gift for various occasions. Personalized mugs still have remained a real hit on the market. Whether it’s about mugs that have, for example, a printed logo of your company – or some other inscription such as a slogan or a personal message, mugs are always a good gift for everyone. There is a wide range of advertising mugs on offer today that can be easily adapted to be a gift. We have mugs of different shapes and volumes. All mug models you find on offer are in several different colors. There are also well-known magic mugs. When you want to make someone dear happy, then a personalized gift is inviolable. Mugs as a gift can be personalized very easily. Most often we make this type of print on mugs with the help of vinyl techniques. And what types of vinyl do we mostly use for it?

What Vinyl Types Shall  We Use For Mugs?

Certainly, when printing various materials such as textiles, glass, ceramics, etc. – we can use different printing techniques. Vinyl is one of the more popular and simple techniques that allows us a good color print that will look almost perfect. Today you can use vinyl yourself. Simply order it online from companies such as HTVRONT or similar – which offer you different types of vinyl foil for different purposes. That way, you can get creative yourself and make something original and beautiful. Of course, with vinyl, we should also keep in mind the surface on which we will leave an imprint. It is quite certain that it is not the same whether we will leave an imprint on plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, or textiles. 

According to HTVRONT, when printing mugs, you must first determine which type of vinyl technique you want to use. Since we will be making a print on glass or ceramics, the best options are permanent vinyl or HTV? But which one to choose?

Permanent Vinyl Or HTV?

When it comes to making personalized mug prints by using vinyl – we must first decide which one to use. Will it be permanent vinyl or HTV? Of course, both options are good in terms of print and color. However, if you are going to wash mugs at high temperatures, such as in a dishwasher – permanent vinyl is recommended as more durable at very high temperatures. What practice has confirmed is that permanent vinyl on mugs will not peel off when automatically washed in a dishwasher at high temperatures. Therefore, if you want your mugs to last longer – this is a more convenient option. On the other hand, if you intend to make the mugs decorative, or to wash them manually – then HTV can be a very good option. As for the mug print itself – both options give you a good image and full color – so, at first look, there is no excessive difference, except for the one we mentioned before. Of course, if you are doing this as a business, it is recommended that you try both options, to determine which one suits you best – and how profitable they are for your business.

Today We Can Easily Make Personalized Mugs

Before, we were able to buy only pre-designed vinyl stickers. However, today, we can simply do the job by using our ideas and relying on our creativity. Today we can create a design or an inscription that we will print on the mug. However, when it comes to mugs, since it is not a flat surface, and permanent vinyl is most often used for flat surfaces – it is recommended that you leave this job to professionals. Simply find the mug on which you would like to design a certain print. Then, choose the photo you want to transfer to your mug – and soon, you will have an original mug that will be a favorite item in your house or a nice gift for your loved one.


The biggest advantages of vinyl printing with transfer foils are versatility, production speed, low maintenance costs – and of course, print quality. They give you unlimited color palettes, the flexibility of the base – and the process itself is fast, clean, and versatile. In terms of imperfections, HTV color and print are not as durable as permanent vinyl – which is more resistant to temperature differences or humidity. However, HTV is also a pretty good option that is especially used on textiles, when printing branded or personalized T-shirts, and similar items. However, in that case, it is always emphasized that you have to wash them at lower temperatures, not with boiling water. On the other hand, permanent vinyl is more often used on flat surfaces, so the mug you choose for printing should not have a ribbed texture or the like.

By Cary Grant

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