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All the torrent fans gather yourself as we are going to throw a bomb and it is that you can Access Kickass torrents like before. Yes, you have heard it right, kickass torrent is accessible, now you can download your desired content from the latest movies to software like before through kickass proxy lists and mirror sites. But before that, why don’t we take a look at Kickass history.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrent is a torrent website that is popularly known for providing its users to download copyrighted content consisting of movies, music, games, software, and much more for free of cost, which made it famous amongst the internet users and brought millions of users.

As you know, uploading, sharing, and downloading copyrighted content is a criminal offense, due to which the US government blocked and removed kickass torrent to protect the rights of the real owners yet kickass which is also known as KAT is accessible with the help of VPN and Proxy sites or say mirror sites.

Numerous torrent users or tech buffs already know of proxy sites yet many are unaware of what is a proxy list or how does it work? So let’s take a quick look at what Proxy sites are, then we head to the main portion of this article and lastly, we will go through kickass alternatives sites.

What are Proxy sites and how does it works?

a. Proxy sites are basically the middle man between your network and the website you wish to access.
b. It takes care that you access the website without letting the destination website track your IP address.
c. It makes it look like you’re accessing the proxy site, not the end website.
d. In simple words, it enables you to access blocked websites without displaying your IP address or location.

Now that you have become acquainted with Proxy lists, let’s head to the main cast of the article kickass torrent websites or Kickass proxy sites.

Kickass Proxy sites

As we vowed, here are kickass Proxy sites through which you can access kickass torrent and download what you’re wanted or say desired content:

Kickass proxy sites

1 https: //thekat. info/
2 https: //kickass. cm/
3 http: //katcr. to/
4 https: //kat. li/
5 http: //kat. am/
6 http: //kickasstorrent. cr/
7 http: //kickasstorrents. to/
8 https: //kickass. cd/
By clicking on any kickass proxy sites from the above table, you will be able to access kickass torrents.

Note: – It is very probable that in your region these proxy sites are blocked or couldn’t work due to piracy and copyright laws but you can still access them by setting up a reliable VPN.

Also, we suggest you use VPN even if the proxy sites are accessible because VPN not only gives you access to Kickass Proxy sites but hides your IP address, eventually keeping your identity safe and secure.

If for some reason, these kickass proxy sites don’t work even after setting up the VPN, which is highly rare, you can shift to kickass alternatives, which are akin to kickass/KAT.

So without wasting any further moments let’s the best kickass alternative sites that will not make you feel like you are with kickass.

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Kickass Alternative Sites

Below are the best Kickass alternatives which you can prefer in the absence of kickass torrents, which will give you the same vibe as kickass used to?

1 1377x

You must have heard of 1377x before and why you wouldn’t as 1377x is amongst the top torrent websites that provide quality torrent files and magnet links through which you can download your desired content free.

1377x, easy to navigate, the categorized content user-friendly user interface makes it a perfect alternative to kickass torrent. For your convenience, we have mentioned some 1377x proxy sites & mirror sites.

You can check them out below.
1 https: //x1337x. ws/
2 https: //1337x.unblocked. lc/
3 https: //1337x.unblocked. vet/

2 The Pirates bay

Who doesn’t the Pirates bay, the pioneer of the torrent sites, who ruled the throne of the best torrent site for years and still competing?

Pirate’s bay is one of the biggest torrent sites which deliver the same services as other torrent sites but in 35 different languages. If you are looking for the best Kickass alternatives then, you can pick The Pirates bay from the list.

Here are some of the “The Pirates bay” proxy sites & mirror sites.
1 https: //www. tpbproxypirate. com/
2 https: //www. tpbaysproxy. com/
3 https: //www. tbp-mirror. com/
4 https: //www. pirateproxy. space/
5 https: //www. pirateproxy-bay. com/


Rarbg has also made its name in this list due to its similar services such as kickass and well-organized website, which is not only easy to use but fully categorized.

Its simplicity and well-organized structure or say the interface is holding it in the best Kickass alternative sites list. As usual here are the RARBG proxy sites and mirror lists that will lead you to the RARBG torrent.

1 https: //rarbg. is/
2 https: //rarbgmirror. com
3 https: //rarbgunblock. com
4 http: //rarbgaccess. org
5 http: //rarbgmirror. org


We bet that you must have used YTS/YIFY for downloading your favorite and latest movies or TV shows, we knew it. We believe there is no need to introduce to you, as almost every torrent user is very well acquainted with YTS/YIFY.

YTS/YIFY is very well known for providing high-quality movies and TV shows for free. Its well-optimized, easy to steer website and high-quality content makes it a worthy kickass alternative.

You can simply access by clicking the given proxy site and mirror sites.
1 https: //yts. mx/
2 https: //yts. am
3 https: //yts.unblocked. vet/
4 https: //yts.unblockit. lat/


With the assistance of the above information, one can easily access kickass torrents as well as kickass alternatives, just make sure before heading to the proxy sites or mirror sites, you are connected to a safe and secure VPN.

Lastly, we believe that the kickass proxy lists and kickass alternatives that we have provided will assist you in downloading your wanted or said desired content for free.

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