Prepaid bank card

Prepaid bank card

The prepaid bank card: what is it exactly?

The prepaid bank card resembles a debit card in several ways. The difference is that this innovative means of payment is reserved for consumers who do not have the possibility or do not wish to open an account in a traditional bank. Its principle is simple: the amount that can be spent is equal to the amount credited to the card…

How does a prepaid credit card work?

A prepaid bank card without identity, secure, and with a validity period defined in advance, is a VISA or Mastercard card that facilitates financial transactions, recharges easily and in a few moments. All you have to do is buy it at points of sale or deposit a sum of money in a special account by, for example, making a transfer and requesting the transfer to the card. Valid in shops, specialized companies, and on the web, this payment solution gives you free access to many services and services. Transactions are safe and reliable. With this system, it is impossible to find yourself overdrawn and having to pay bank charges!

Once recharged, the prepaid bank card gives the right to withdraw money from the distributor and to pay in-store or online for everyday consumer purchases.

What is the prepaid bank card intended for?

In the event of regular overdrafts or repetitive payment incidents, well-established banks, such as online banks, hesitate to offer the opening of a current account and even more to entrust a debit card. Those who are listed as banned from banking are also denied many services and no longer have access to conventional means of payment. The prepaid cash reloadable bank card and the online prepaid bank card are aimed primarily at these consumers. The system is also well thought out for those who wish to make purchases on the web or pay abroad in complete safety and without having to reveal their bank details. Active, retired and even minors can benefit from the simplicity of a prepaid bank card without identity. The strong point of this system is its universality: anyone who meets the necessary conditions specific to each issuer can request their prepaid payment solution online. French residents, like people staying in France, have access to it most of the time.

What are the different types of prepaid bank cards?

Two types of prepaid cards are authorized by French legislation: cards without reloading which support up to €250 and rechargeable cards entitling, for the most part, to €2,500. Either this card with or without a current account can be used only once, or it can be recharged by bank card, bank transfer, or by paying cash.

The rechargeable bank card is often chargeable, but there is however a free prepaid bank card offer for individuals and businesses, subject to conditions. Obtaining a free bank card is generally conditional on opening an online account.

If you wish to offer this prepaid bank card without identity to a child under the age of 13, for example, or on the occasion of a birthday or a graduation, you remain free of any commitment to the company which provided it to you.

Prepaid cards with an account at traditional banks

The prepaid bank card with RIB can be obtained from conventional banks: this solution makes it possible to make and receive SEPA-type transfers. The associated account is identified by an IBAN. Managed by a traditional bank, this means of payment is allocated on request without a file being produced but on proof of identity or residence. A personal card provides a larger sum than a non-reloadable prepaid card. Another positive point: the account balance can be consulted at any time and at the most serious brands, in real-time. Personal online space and a smartphone application improve visibility.

Reloadable blank cards without an account

No need to have a bank account to benefit from the advantages of a free prepaid bank card. This system is most of the time guaranteed without obligation. All you have to do is buy the card and activate it, most often online but also sometimes by making an initial withdrawal at the ATM. The good news, reloading can be done at any time, even if the balance is not yet exhausted. Note that it is possible to request several rechargeable bank cards. More specifically, each personal space created can entitle you to a blue card. Signs offering this system offer the same services as traditional banks and sometimes in greater numbers.

Where can I find prepaid bank cards?

Different organizations offer either a prepaid bank card with RIB or a prepaid bank card without an associated account. These are recognized banking organizations, insurance companies, or points of sale that have no relationship with finance.

Concerning the prepaid bank card reloadable in cash, only the partner points are authorized to perform the reloading operation. Fees are automatically applied: their amount varies from 2% to 7% of the amount paid. There are also withdrawal fees at the distributor and ongoing management fees.

The services and the amount of the costs depend of course on the issuing brand. Some, for example, do not apply fees for payments in euros and provide permanent assistance via their dedicated customer service.

At the tobacco bar or in supermarkets

The tobacco prepaid bank card is a non-reloadable prepaid bank card, which is not linked in any way to a bank account or a ready-to-use card included in a pack and immediately available after the opening of an account by the tobacconist.

If it is also possible to acquire a prepaid card in a tobacconist or supermarkets, you should know that the cost of these debit cards is quite high, with fees being added. On average, buying a tobacco prepaid bank card costs between €25 and €30. In addition, offered by newly created brands, some supermarket bank cards work with a registered account and transactions are subject to fixed or regular fees.

At online banks

The credit card application is often made online. The deadline for receipt is generally no more than 10 days in mainland France and approximately one month in the DOM-TOM.

The payment and withdrawal amount for a rechargeable bank card accessible online can go up to €3,000 per month. This type of card is guaranteed without conditions and hidden costs: the price of each operation is known as soon as the associated account is opened and money transfers are free. The first advantage of an online prepaid bank card is the ease of use: you can access your personal space on the site at any time and get personalized help. Various special advantages can be linked: for example, some brands set up cashback with partner merchants.

Frequently asked questions about prepaid bank cards

 Is a prepaid credit card free?

In general, prepaid cards are associated with any opening of an online account (for individuals or professionals ). For the opening of an account, you can traditionally benefit from several bank cards for the same rates!

How soon will I receive my card?

Prepaid bank cards are usually sent by simple letter. The delivery time is generally 10 working days for Europe. International delivery is made within 20 to 30 working days.

 What are the benefits of these cards?

Among the advantages of these cards, you generally benefit from: use without a minimum deposit, a secure card via 3D Secure, real-time access to your transactions, the possibility of including the desired name, optional full insurance (depending on the operator), contactless and much more!

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