Registration: you must now present proof of insurance and your driving license

Present proof of insurance and your driving license

For any registration of a new or used vehicle, there is something new concerning the supporting documents to be presented. Since mid-August, you must now add a copy of your driving license and proof of insurance to your vehicle registration file.

Insurance and driver’s license essential for registration since August 15, 2017

This decision somewhat escaped the radar of the media, and as a corollary of motorists since it was adopted in the middle of August (publication in the official journal on August 15 ). From now on, any complete application file for a registration certificate must now include, in addition to proof of identity and address, proof of insurance as well as the driving license of the future holder of the gray card.

Fighting the lack of insurance

According to estimates, between 370,000 and 750,000 cars drive without insurance in France. A practice that is expensive for the community (2% of your premium is used to feed the guarantee fund), but also for the unwary who drive without car insurance and who cause a claim. Because the guarantee fund is there to compensate the victims, it also turns against drivers in default of insurance. This new registration rule therefore clearly aims to combat this phenomenon which is getting worse and worse.

What documents are accepted to prove the insurance of a vehicle?

Any official document issued by the insurance company can be accepted as proof of vehicle insurance, such as a green card, a certificate from the insurer, or a notification letter.

The holder of a gray card must have the license to drive the registered vehicle

If the purpose of the proof of insurance is clear, that of the license may seem more obscure. So yes, such a measure will also make it possible to combat driving without a license (it is estimated that 500,000 people drive without a title), but nothing prevents driving the vehicle of a third party without the precious pink document. We cannot, therefore, speak of a panacea.

On the other hand, this decision will close a legal loophole in which many drivers had engulfed themselves to avoid the loss of points on their license, namely that which consisted in putting the registration certificate in the name of a minor. Indeed, nothing prevented such a practice, for example, to put your gray card in the name of your 4-year-old daughter. In the case of PV, it was enough for the parents to pay it. As the holder does not have a driver’s license, there were no point consequences.

Does a natural person wishing to register a vehicle in his name have to prove that he holds a driving license corresponding to the category of the vehicle?

On the modernization of justice, article L. 322-1-1 of the highway code now implies that the main holder of the registration certificate, a natural person,

holds a driver’s license corresponding to the category of the vehicle appearing on the title. This obligation applies to all new or used vehicles (cars, two-wheelers, etc.) requiring a

registration certificate.

It should be emphasized here that, following the above provisions, the driving license is a document that must be produced for all registration procedures carried out through an authorized automobile professional, the latter having the obligation to archive the copy, recto-verso, during five years in the event of control by the administration.

If he must hold the driving license corresponding to the category of the vehicle, the holder of the certificate is not necessarily the owner of the vehicle. It may have been designated as the primary cardholder by the owner. The latter has this possibility, especially if he does not have the required driving license. The name of the owner will appear on the certificate of registration as joint owner.

This designation can be signed, if necessary, by two co-owners wishing to designate the main holder of the vehicle registration certificate (CIV).

Are legal persons, such as vehicle rental companies, subject to the obligation to provide proof of a driving license?

Following the provisions of Articles L. 322-1-1, R. 322-1, and R. 322-5 of the Highway Code, the application for registration of a vehicle before it is put into circulation is primarily the responsibility of its owner natural person, who is registered as owner on the registration certificate, unless he does not have adequate driving rights.

If it is a long-term rental vehicle (eg leasing), the registration application can be presented by the lessee, but the latter must be mandated by the owner company and will not appear on the CIV only as tenant (cf. article 2 of the decree of February 09, 2009). Also, the justification of the driver’s license to register a vehicle does not apply to the rental company.

If, on the other hand, it is a financing of a vehicle without a rental contract (transfer of ownership and registration of a pledge on the vehicle), the justification of the driving license will be the responsibility of the buyer, a natural person, of the vehicle on credit.

Driving license FAQ for registration application and proof of insurance

Does a co-holder or a tenant have to prove his driving license?

Unlike the main holder of the registration certificate, a copy of the driver’s license of a co-holder or lessee is not required. The obligation to justify the right to drive concerns only the natural person, the main holder of the title. In particular, this allows owners of a vehicle who do not have a driving license to be registered as co-holders on the title.

Is the registration of a new vehicle possible without proof of insurance?

It happens that some insurers refuse to issue an insurance certificate in the absence of the registration number previously issued for the vehicle, especially for new vehicles.

It is therefore advisable to carry out the registration procedure for the new vehicle directly. On the occasion of this process, it will be necessary to commit honor to be able to present an insurance certificate, whether on the model of Cerfa mandate n° 13575 * 03 or by checking the box provided in this effect on the teleprocedures on the ANTS site.

Once the process is complete, a provisional registration certificate (CPI) will be issued, with a registration number for the vehicle concerned. In support of this CPI, the insurer chosen by the owner of the vehicle may issue him an insurance certificate, at best immediately and at the latest within 5 days (average time before dispatch of the final document) so that the owner of the vehicle can assert it at the request of the Ministry of the Interior if necessary.

Must a certificate of additional training be presented to justify the right to drive a vehicle subject to specific regulations?

Holders of a B license who wish to drive, on national territory, a motorized two-wheeler from 50 to 125 cm3 (L3e), or an L5e motor tricycle (three-wheeled scooter) of more than 50cm3 whose power does not exceed not 15 kW, must follow a 7-hour training. Persons holding any category of driving license obtained before March 1, 1980, are not subject to this obligation.

The training is provided by a driving school or an approved association, which issues a certificate at the end of the course. To apply for the registration of a two-wheeler requiring a B license completed by this training, a certificate will be required.

How to register a vehicle when an owner is a person with a disability who does not hold a driving license?

In this case, the owner must justify that he designates a person other than him as the main holder of the title by a written designation mentioning: Mrs. … as holder of the registration certificate attached to this vehicle. 

If this is not possible: a legal person, such as an association, may be designated as the main holder (the obligation to provide proof of a driving license does not apply to legal persons).

What are the obligations of the co-holder if he becomes aware that the driver’s license of the designated principal holder has been invalidated and not declared?

By Article L322-1-1 of the Highway Code, the main holder of the CIV must hold a driving license when applying for vehicle registration. However, to date, if the latter’s license is subsequently invalidated, the regulations do not require the joint holder to declare this cancellation or to change the holder.

Does the obligation to provide proof of a driving license apply to the registration of a trailer or caravan?

Article L. 322-1-1 of the Highway Code now implies that the main holder of the registration certificate holds a driving license corresponding to the category of the vehicle appearing on the

title. This obligation applies to all new or used vehicles requiring a registration certificate.

Consequently, trailers with a total laden weight (PTAC) exceeding 500 kilograms – including caravans – are subject to the obligation to provide proof of a driving license of the corresponding category provided for in article R. 221- 4 of the same code, namely a B, C1, C, D1, D, BE, C1E, CE, D1E, DE license depending on the GVW of the trailer and/or the towing vehicle.

Does the proof of insurance have to be in the name of the holder or joint holder appearing on the registration certificate?

The provisions of the insurance code, and in particular it’s article R. 211-14 as recalled in article R. 233-3 of the highway code, require that the vehicle be insured. However, the vehicle may be insured in the name of a person whose name does not appear on the title. The obligation is that the vehicle is insured to be allowed to circulate, regardless of the name of the holder of the CIV.

How do I provide proof of insurance for CIVs requested on behalf of a legal person?

As insurance certificates for vehicle fleets do not specifically mention the vehicle that is the subject of the transaction (vehicle registration, category and make), the departments of the Ministry of the Interior may request, if necessary, from the legal entity in the name of which the vehicle is registered, an additional document from the insurance organization specifically designating the cover of the vehicle concerned.

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