The best (and cheapest) health insurance in Florida

The best (and cheapest) health insurance in Florida

Now that we clarify the variables and about the comparable essential services, let’s go with the companies that provide the four best medical insurance in Florida:

1. Aetna

We are in front of one of the cheapest medical insurance providers in Florida, which offers you plans for individuals, families, and businesses at a low cost.

Aetna has ACA-approved plans available for just a few dollars a month, making it one of the best health insurance in Florida for those who don’t have a lot of money.

If you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, it also has some specific low-cost plans for you, in addition to health insurance if you are a student if you attend college for two or four years. 

2. Human

In this case, Humana is one of the oldest health insurance providers in Florida, with more than 45 years of experience and with the most affordable prices. 

It offers HMO and POS plans, plus some of its most popular and affordable plans may include home care, which is rare.

And if you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, they have plans available.

3. Florida Blue

This company acts as a subsidiary company of the famous Blue Cross, activities throughout the United States. 

This gives Florida Blue a more excellent range of doctors and service providers; therefore, you have greater freedom of choice as a customer.

It is also quite advantageous for those who have chronic conditions or have been under the care of the same health service or doctor for a long time and do not want to change it. 

This is a company that offers low costs to enjoy health insurance if you have a fixed income. 

Their plans are also up to the standards set by the ACA and include extras like free preventive care, physicals, immunizations, and mammograms. 

4. Cigna

Lastly, we have Cigna. We have health insurance plans adequate to ACA standards and at affordable prices. 

A significant fact says that 4 out of 5 people who have chosen Cigna plans also qualify for federal subsidies that reduce their premium.

Their plans include preventive care, and it’s free. So you will not have to pay for necessary vaccines, health exams, or some preventative treatments that have a prescription.

And as if that were not enough, with Cigna, it is possible to obtain discounts on gym memberships, health clubs, and more that help you maintain your health. 

Protect yourself affordably

Comparing insurance plans is no longer difficult. Take some time to shop for coverage.

Thanks to the fact that health insurance plans must include the ten minimum benefits of the ACA that we previously referred to, it is easier to compare prices under those parameters.

Make sure you are clear on coverage, and if you need to add anything that is not included in the basic amount by another company. 

The four chosen are reliable companies that offer the best medical insurance in Florida.

Best Health Insurance in Florida – Frequently Asked Questions

Although it may have already been answered throughout the article, we will specifically answer three common and frequently asked questions regarding health insurance in Florida.

Is health insurance mandatory? 

No, although it once was. Although certain states have established state mandates that require residents to have health insurance, that federal mandate was repealed. 

Of course, although it is not required, it is mandatory. It is always advisable to have health insurance to help protect you and your family from expenses that may be unpayable, or that may lead to bankruptcy.  

What does the health insurance cover? 

They must cover the ten essential benefits that we mentioned earlier. From those benefits, they are additions that you can add to your policy because the costs will vary.

Of course, the basic plans with the ten essential benefits will be cheaper. 

How can I save money on health insurance? 

Several factors influence the costs of your health insurance premium. Your age, location, medical conditions, or vices (such as smoking or drugs) directly affect the premium cost. 

If you want to reduce the premium cost, you can choose plans with high deductibles, but you already know it will be more difficult for your health insurance to take effect.

It is recommended to combine it with a savings account so that you can take advantage of that tax-free money to make health expenses.

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