The debut leap: Experiencing skydiving for the first time

The debut leap: Experiencing skydiving for the first time

Skydiving and the young seagull’s flight share a common thread in their first-ever jump. “Liam O’Flaherty” told us a story of a young bird that was afraid to fly for the first time. He believed that his wings would not support him. Skydiver, in his or her life, must have faced a similar situation, beforehe ever had a chance learn to skydive

Facing the ‘unknown’ is the greatest fear which not only requires courage, but also the belief in one’s ability, and the willingness to explore what’s ‘unknown’. So, while in the straps of a parachute one experiences the same timid seagull standing on a rocky ledge.

 Leaving yourself to the mercy of gravity will ultimately release your fear and that leap will define you. Spread yourself like the seagull; conquer the sky—both within and above. Only a skydiving guide can assist you in overcoming that fear and help you experience such a unique and exhilarating thrill

Skydiving: Conquering the fear

 In our skydiving adventure, the Diver, in his jumpsuit, standing near the edge of an aeroplane door facing the deafening roar of crossing wind, looking at the void below. With the azure sky stretching infinitely above Diver and instructor – both wait for the drop zone to arrive.

Here, the baby Seagull’s fear may grip the diver. But the diver is trained for this moment. The instructor reassures, and the diver takes that leap. The rush of air, the plummet, and then—the parachute opens. Suspended, weightless, and the world unfolds. Fear transforms into awe, and delight — the delight of conquering something. Yes! We’ve not only conquered the sky but conquered ourselves.

Sky Diving – Adventure and Experience

Each drop zone can give a unique flavour of adventurous experience to the diver. The more you see the specialised and seasoned tandem masters, the more you get the chance to experience while cladding in a jumpsuit and safety harness.

Here comes the drop zone!! A tap on your shoulder by the instructor, signalling you to assume the practised free-fall position—a moment frozen in time. Your pulse quickens. At the pre-set altitude, you step into the void with your instructor. The first 30 seconds of breath-taking free fall started from 10,000 above the ground.

The whole world gets blurred for a moment until the mind takes charge of the practised instructions. An eye is set on the altitude counter. Now, setting up to deploy the parachute. While anticipating the 5,000-foot mark.

Arriving at the landing zone

 Heart bubbles into the throat as you pull the string to open the parachute. The rush subsides suddenly, and you’re now suspended under the canopy. Finally!! The successful deployment of the parachute stops you from going backward. You’re slowing down as the canopy is creating resistance as you float toward the landing zone.

 Here, you might try to experience it by adding a few high-speed turns. Conversation replaces the roar of freefall. The quiet parachute ride allows you to savor the moment in contrast with the adrenaline-fueled descent.

When your feet touch the ground, the Parachute falls flat behind you while you try to escape from the strings to wrap your feet touching the ground. While you detach the parachute from your body, you are still carrying memories imprinted in the sky. The rush, the wind, the earth hurtling toward you—all blend into an unforgettable experience.

By Andrew Parker

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