Top 5 Beaches Easily Accessible From London That You Should Visit

Beaches Easily Accessible From London

Without a doubt, London is a city full of clichés, from its red telephone boxes to its black cabs, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, to name a few.

We won’t lie to you: it is these and nothing else that has compelled us to return time and time again to the capital of the United Kingdom: climbing to the top of the London Eye, visiting the National Gallery, or relaxing in Hyde Park are just a few of the activities that we enjoy doing in the capital of the United Kingdom and will continue to do so.

However, the truth is that when you decide to travel off the established path and discover new routes, especially during the summer, you should be prepared for the unexpected and new places such as beaches and nature.

Summer in London is short, but when the heat is on, there is always the option of taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a summer activity.

Furthermore, travelling to the beach for a day with a long distance car service to get away from the stresses of the city or to detach from one’s routine can be really calming, which is why I’ve decided to compile a list of the best beaches near London that are easily accessible and that are worth visiting.

Brighton Beach

This beach is not only one of the closest to the British capital, but it is also one of the most popular with residents of the capital. The waves and various restaurants, clubs, pubs, and other attractions close to the coast may be enjoyed in less than an hour by train from London.

There is a small nudist zone on Brighton Beach, but the rest of the beach is available to swimmers of all colours. In contrast to most others, this beach is not sandy but rather pebbly. It is recommended to wear footwear that is both comfortable and safe.

West Wittering Beach

West Wittering is a seaside town located close to Brighton that is popular among individuals who enjoy sandy beaches.

With a clear blue sea and dunes sloping down to the shore, it is highly recommended for people looking for a relaxing and peaceful swim. Natural pools emerge at low tide and are heated by the sun, allowing you to bathe your feet in the water without worrying about the water being ‘icy.’

Bournemouth, Hengistbury Head

The beach in Bournemouth is one of the most popular possibilities. It offers beautiful views and is conveniently located near the city of London, but even if it’s close, hiring a long distance car service chauffeur is always more comfortable transportation.

Because it was designated as a nature reserve in 1990, it has a high level of scientific significance. It is also well-known for the variety of flora, animals, and geology that can be found there.

It has dramatic clay and iron cliffs on its south-facing slopes in England. More than 1 million visitors come to this natural site each year, with the ideal months to visit being July through September.

There are public baths and seaside pubs where you may relax and take in the views.

Courses in sailing are given at the Hengistbury Head centre for those interested in the water sports industry. In terms of getting to the seaside, a direct train departs from London Waterloo station and takes just over two hours to get there.

Southend Beach

Because of increased tourism as the weather warms up, the Southend population increases, and the town becomes a popular tourist destination. 

Southend Beach, which is conveniently located near London, is a great place to relax and enjoy the water. Because of the enormous quantity of pebbles in the sand, it is not suggested to lie down on it.

Despite the small pebbles, however, many visitors choose to walk down the shoreline inappropriate footwear and take in the ambience of a beach vacation. However, the restaurants near the shoreline offer stunning views of the sea, making dining on the seaside a delightful experience for lunch and dinner. 

You can also take a stroll along with one of the world’s longest piers or take a cruise on the tranquil waters of the estuary.

Weymouth Beach

It is characterized by shallow water and small waves, and it is sometimes more popular for therapeutic purposes than recreational purposes. 

It is a popular location for motocross and volleyball for those who prefer to spend their time on the sand rather than in the water. As a result, this beach is the site of international competitions that are held there.

There are also a variety of additional activities available, such as donkey rides and trampoline jumping. There is also a funfair at Weymouth beach for families to enjoy, where the little ones may play games and have a good time.

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