Top 7 Content Marketing Platforms That Are Need Of Every Business

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The use of content marketing platforms is increasing day by day. You can say that it is becoming the need of the hour. All well-established businesses ensure the use of new marketing strategies. Sticking to old policies would not give you the best at all. The production, measurement and optimization of your content can be done by using different content marketing platforms. Let’s discuss these platforms in detail. Read Also: Marketing for Local businesses


Semrush is one of the popular content marketing platforms. Here you can see different features for SEO and SEO channel. Whatever is your business type, you can get the best out of it by ensuring the use of Semrush. Here you can find different tools with a high number of users. If you want to work on a database or backlinks, Semrush works very well in both cases. This platform is in the practice of millions of people. For your business, you may have to go for digital analytics. Furthermore, you can work on different marketing techniques for proper management. For the good promotion of your business, you can use its SEO features as given below,

  • Keyword
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site recommendation
  • Task management
  • Page grader
  • SERP
  • Backlink systems

The main reason behind the use of Semrush is that you can check the real-time working of your task. Also, you can check end results based on the analysis of the current system. This approach helps you in polishing your business.


The pro of using StoryChief is that you can easily make a shift on WordPress. In the same way, it facilitates you in sharing your content on any social media platform without creating any hindrance. On social media, you can target a mass audience. This content marketing platform can help you to evaluate different elements of media for your content. We have discussed this tool with the marketing team of The Academic Papers UK. They told that if you are using this platform for the first time, you do not have to worry about it. There is no need to learn about StoryChief from some training tutorials. But it is very simple to use, and you can get quality content for your business. There is no restriction for any business type; any business can use StoryChief for having high SEO optimization.


The use of GetSocial is very common among marketers. The purpose of using GetSocial is to know about social traffic. Furthermore, you have an idea about ROI for making improvements in your business. By using this platform, you can get to know about the demand of customers. Based on that demand, you make strategies for future deals. Every business has some kind of product. These products can only give you benefits if you ensure the right traffic for it. This social traffic shows the worth of your product. On a general scale, freelancers and all types of businesses can use this platform. It can be used for a small as well as a large business.


In the business sector, no marketer can afford the risk of diverting attention. As technology is changing day by day, the ways of having customers’ attention also keep on changing. So PathFactory is an emerging platform in the sector of marketing. By using this platform, you can capitalize on the attention of your customer. Whenever you want to know about the buyer, you can do that because of PathFactory. Almost all business holders are showing interest in such content marketing platforms. Furthermore, you can recognize as well as speed up the sales-ready buyers.


A large number of content creators suggests using Ceros for sorting out many problems related to content. Ceros type platforms are taken as cloud-based content marketing platforms. You may have used animation in a different presentation. Just recall your past and remember why you added animation in your presentation. You will get to know that you used such strategies to engage your audience in a well-mannered way. The same is the case with the business sector. Here you have to engage your customer so that you can increase the rate of visitors. So Ceros is preferred nowadays to make the media content attractive. Here you can have different options for content formatting as well as its display. Importantly, Ceros provide you with assistance for your content optimization. For this, you can use different tools of Ceros and ensure more than one management strategy.


In the list of best content marketing platforms, OneSpot also has its name. You may have used a different platform to access the detail of every single visitor. But have you come to a beneficial end? If not, then OneSpot is right here as a solution for your problem. At OneSpot, you do not have to waste time on different systems. But it gives you the required information in an easy way. OneSpot uses artificial intelligence to access the visitor. This platform helps you to deal with every customer by automatic means. In short, you can hyperlink everything to your customers. This platform helps you in the quick integration of business-related issues.


In the list of top 7 content marketing platforms, Promoboxx is considered as one of the best platforms. For any business where you need to deal with a retailer, you can sue Promoboxx. Here you can deal with the retailer and your brand at the same place and time. It saves lots of your tie and energy. By using this platform, you can target all local ads of your choice. At the same place, you can assess your retailer by using different tools of Promoboxx. It works as one of the best platforms for making a marketing campaign successful.

Final Thoughts

By using anyone platform as discussed above, you can do your best in your business. All content marketing platforms have a particular role. So whatever is your need, you can select a platform according to that. If you feel any difficulty in its use, you can watch tutorials related to that platform.

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