What are the advantages of co-pay health insurance?


What is the copay?

It is a small amount of money that you will have to pay when using a medical service and that helps reduce the cost of your health insurance. We recommend this type of insurance if you do not go to the doctor regularly, since you will pay a lower premium and in the end, it will be profitable for you.

In all cases, this amount is added to the premium that must be paid the following month.

What are the advantages of co-pay health insurance?

Essentially, because of the advantages, it offers, both for users and for the company.

  • On the one hand, it is a very effective way of making customers aware of the responsible use of medical services.
  • On the other hand, with this distribution of costs, the generic rise in the premium is avoided, which is beneficial for most users.
  • Finally, it is a way to benefit from a quality medical service at a much cheaper cost than usual.

This type of policy is especially suitable if we seek quality medical care, but we are not people who regularly go to the doctor. Thus, our premium will not increase, but we will continue to enjoy the same services and the same medical chart as with a policy without a copay.

What will be the cost of medical services with a copay?

It is important that before contacting medical insurance with co-payment, we make sure of the cost of each one of the medical services since they can vary a lot from one company to another. Generally, the cheaper the premium price, the higher the copays.

To cite some examples, a general medicine visit can represent the payment of €2 to €20 and a specialized care visit, between €4 and €20, depending on the chosen insurance policy.

If you have health insurance or are interested in one, you must have heard about copayments at some point. In case you are still not clear about what they consist of, calm down, in this note we will explain it to you.

A copay is an amount (fixed or variable) that you must pay each time you have a consultation or buy medication at a clinic. In other words, when you receive medical attention, part of the final expense will be assumed by you and the other by your insurance company.

The amount of the copay is specified in your policy and varies depending on the specialty, the clinic where you attend, and the type of insurance you have. Keep in mind that the price will always be much lower compared to the rate charged to people who are not insured.

It is the amount of money that affiliates must pay as part of the value of the required service. Its purpose is to help finance the General System of Social Security in Health.

It is also important that you know that there are services for which you do not have to pay a copay, which will be communicated by the insurer at the time of signing the contract. In general, it is about emergency care or mother-child check-ups.

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