What damage does car insurance cover caused by the snowstorm?

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We reveal what you are entitled to and what coverage there is in car insurance for the damage caused to the vehicle or accidents due to heavy snowfall.

They say that after the storm comes a calm. But this saying is only adjusted to the weather storm and not so much to reality after the passage of an aggressive storm like Filomena, for example. After storms like this, which left a historic snowfall in Spain, it is time to take stock of the damage.

Houses, gardens… and cars. Material goods are sometimes heavily affected by rain or snowstorms. In this article we are going to focus on damages or accidents with a vehicle in complicated weather conditions and how to act after them, exposing the coverage that we can find in car insurance.


  1. Usual circumstances with the car in the snow
  2. How does Hello Auto respond to snow damage?

Usual circumstances with the car in the snow

Snow is a great enemy on the road. Its appearance leaves very adverse situations when driving with any vehicle, being the origin of a multitude of claims and accidents. Among the most frequent are blown after losing control of the car due to ice or snow on the road. 

It is also common to destroy or damage the car after the fall of a tree branch or any other object (rocks…) that has collapsed due to the weight of the snow. On the other hand, problems arise such as being left lying on the road after traffic is cut off due to the presence of snow or ice on the road. 


Car accidents due to snow: what damage does the insurance cover?

Now, what happens if we suffer an accident during a snowfall? When blows occur due to loss of control of the vehicle due to snow or ice, car insurance acts as in a normal accident. Thus, the person responsible for the incident is the driver whose vehicle has invaded the opposite lane. 

First of all, we have to keep in mind that you always have to write down and take photos of any flaw or damage, whatever the situation. Documenting what happened effectively will be decisive for our insurance to respond well to us. In this way, when we have a blow, we have to ask the other driver for the data, even if we are in a great stress situation. 

Damage caused by meteorological phenomena: broken windows, scratches…

In the event that the accident has occurred due to the fall of a tree branch, the tree itself, or any detachment on a parked car, the insurers do not take responsibility despite having contracted all-risk insurance. So we can find ourselves with a big problem if the car’s window has broken after an event of such characteristics.

Faced with this gap, the Insurance Compensation Consortium usually acts, a body that takes charge of Extraordinary Risks ( damage caused by natural phenomena…) provided that a policy with car insurance is contracted or in force and that the damage not be covered by it. 

The Consortium is not responsible for snow, rain, and hail claims, although in the case of Filomena it could be forced to respond if a catastrophe is declared. It can also happen that the melting produces floods and this would be covered by this organism. 

If you have doubts about the protocol to follow in this type of case, with great general misinformation about them, and you are insured by Hello Auto, you are in luck. The insurer will provide advice to all its clients on how to claim compensation for their damages from the Consortium.

How does Hello Auto respond to snow damage?

Therefore, we reveal to you how the franchise is applied or works in insurance. For a better understanding, we present a practical case. Imagine that you have an excess of 300 euros in your vehicle insurance and you have a road accident worth 2,000 euros.

In this case, the insurance company will only pay 1,700 euros, with you having to pay the first 300 euros. This exercise is recommended when we are deciding whether to take out insurance with a franchise, knowing that the higher the franchise, the lower the initial price of the insurance premium.

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