What is life insurance without a medical exam for?

life insurance

Life insurance is an essential precaution to ensure the financial security of your family. Life insurance without medical examination will cover funeral expenses, pay debts or leave an estate to your heirs.

There are life insurance policies for those who already have a particular medical condition such as past or present cancer, heart disease, significant overweight, a criminal record, or who simply do not wish to undergo medical tests or meet a full questionnaire. Others need same-day protection.

There are life insurances without medical examination for people from 6 months to 85 years old. Whether you’re looking for modest or large coverage, let us find yours.

Attributes of life insurance without medical exam

  • No medical examination or blood test or other
  • Just a few questions
  • Never a premium increase
  • Instant Acceptance
  • Coverage from $2,000 to $1,000,000
  • Possibility of a single advance in the event of a foreseeable terminal illness in less than 12 months

Life insurance without medical examination is intended, among other things, for people who:

  • have health problems (current or past);
  • are difficult to insure;
  • engage in hazardous employment or engage in hazardous sports;
  • do not like blood tests or medical examinations;
  • do not wish to answer questions about their legal (or other) record;
  • want to be insured quickly.

What your need requires:

  • term life insurance ;
  • permanent life insurance ;
  • mortgage-type loan insurance or loan insurance covering personal loans, car, line of credit, etc.

Purchasing life insurance without a medical exam is now simple, easy, and fast. Regardless of your medical condition, you can afford affordable protection according to your needs and, above all, according to your means.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance offers life insurance amounts starting at $20/month.

You have the choice to get your quote online or communicate with us confidentially and, of course, without obligation. It’s been free since 2001, and it will always be!

Don’t wait any longer thinking you can’t get life insurance.

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What is life insurance without a medical exam for?

Non-medical life insurance is primarily designed for people who have difficulty obtaining insurance due to past or current health issues. This life insurance product is well thought out so that everyone can subscribe to it.

Not requiring any medical examination, insurers can be more flexible and thus better meet the needs of all life insurance holders. Life insurance without a medical exam can be the ideal solution if you have a more complex or very specific medical file, or if you have already been refused by other insurance companies for medical reasons.

Life insurance is an essential precaution to guarantee the financial security of your beneficiaries. In the event of death, this type of product allows your family to pay funeral expenses or repay your debts. Life insurance also offers you the possibility of leaving them a larger estate.

Types of life insurance without medical exam

In the category of non-medical life insurance, there are several permanent life insurance products. This insurance allows you to obtain the protection that will cover you until your death. Although no medical examination is necessary, there is still a good variety of life insurance products.

Depending on your needs, you can also choose term life insurance coverage that can vary in duration. The most common terms are:

  • 10 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years

If you’re worried about not getting life insurance because of your health, this might be the solution for you. We know it’s never easy to talk about your medical issues. That’s why there are now options to get life insurance without disclosing your medical records.

Life insurance without a medical exam is accessible to anyone while offering peace of mind to policyholders. Many of them say it: good insurance reduces their stress and helps them sleep better.

Who is insurance without medical examination for?

To find a good life insurance policy without a medical exam at an advantageous price, you can talk to the advisers of Acolit. They are always at your disposal and have the necessary skills to find the ideal solution for you.

Various reasons explain the choice of this insurance product. Life insurance without a medical exam can be useful for people who have had trouble getting insurance in the past, who work in dangerous jobs, who play extreme sports, who don’t like blood tests or medical exams, who do not wish to answer certain questions or who simply want to be assured quickly.

Life insurance without medical exam mainly applies to people who have, or have ever had:

  • A diagnosis of cancer
  • Type 1 diabetes requires insulin
  • A refusal following a life insurance application
  • A cerebral vascular accident
  • A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness
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