Where can I find my insurance certificate?

Where can I find my insurance certificate?

Every insurance policy has its contract number. It is unique and identifies your home, car, civil liability, or life insurance policy. This insurance policy number is generated by the insurer. It thus enables him to identify you and, through internal coding, to classify his various contracts in chronological order or by category of insurance.

Where can you find your insurance policy number?

Your insurance policy number is present on all paper and electronic media issued by your insurer. It should not be confused with the customer number, which is personal to each subscriber and may include several insurance policy numbers in the event of the subscription of several insurance policies.

You will find your insurance policy number on:

  • your online customer area;
  • your original contract;
  • your insurance certificate;
  • your annual maturity notice;
  • your claim report ;
  • correspondence documents from your insurance.

Identification of your initial contract

In addition to the mandatory personal information, guarantees, exclusions, deductibles, General and Special Conditions, you will also find at the top of your contract, its identification number. It complements your customer number, also assigned by the insurance company.

Insurance certificate

You will find your insurance policy number on the insurance certificate. This is issued annually, on the anniversary date of your contract or at your request.

Where can I find my insurance certificate?

Your insurer must give you your initial insurance certificate when you sign your contract. He then sends it to you each year by post. This certificate is also available in your customer area.

What if I need a new insurance certificate?

All you have to do is request it by phone or e-mail from your insurer or download it online. It will then be necessary to specify the insurance policy concerned by your request.

Contract number on my annual expiry notice

It appears on the upper left of your notice of expiry or in a summary table of all your insurance contracts. Upon receipt of your annual expiry notice, remember to check that the number indicated is indeed yours.

Reference of the insurance contract on a declaration of loss

It is advisable to include your insurance contract number in the subject of your declaration of loss. This will facilitate your identification with your insurer. Whether you make this declaration online, by mail, or by telephone, remember to specify it in any communication with the insurance company. The good mention of this number will allow the rapid identification of your contract, its guarantees, its deductibles, and therefore, the overall management of your claim.

If you are the victim of a fire and your contract has unfortunately disappeared in the flames, do not panic, your insurer will always be able to find your contract from certain personal information (name, address, date of birth, telephone number in particular).

Correspondence with the insurer and identification of the contract

All mail sent by your insurer includes the contract number to which it relates. It’s usually on the top left, in the Customer/Contract/Internal References area.

What does my insurance policy number contain?

The identification of your contract is unique. Each company is thus free to dial this number according to its criteria:

  • first two digits or letters for the type of contract: multi-risk insurance, car, pension, etc. ;
  • following numbers or letters: name of the subscriber service;
  • end of the identification series: number specific to your contract.

Your insurer can therefore easily identify your contract and forward your request to the right person.

Where can I find my insurance policy number with Luko?

You will find your contract number from your customer area or your Luko mobile application on all the different downloadable documents.

Your Luko insurance contract

The identification of your contract taken out with Luko is made available to you in your customer area in the following form:

Your Luko insurance certificate

At Luko, your insurance contract number appears on the insurance certificate. The latter is available in your online space.

Go to our FAQ to find out how to download it!

Your bills and premium calls

Your insurance contract number is also included in the subject of your invoices. You can find and download your invoices at any time in your customer area.

The case of car insurance

It is not easy to find the reference of your insurance contract on the automobile insurance certificate, better known as the green card. Issued according to international standards, this international car insurance card mentions, in addition to your references:

  • the code of the country issuing the certificate;
  • the insurer’s international code;
  • your policy number.

Your contract reference is indicated in the box bearing the number 4 of your green card and on your insurance sticker:

What are the cases where your contract number can be claimed?

You may be asked for your insurance contract number during any exchange with your insurer to facilitate your identification (request for information, claim declaration, etc.; ), but also for:

  • auto insurance: by a third party involved in an accident with you to complete the accident report. When buying a new vehicle, the dealer can also claim it from you;
  • school insurance: by schools, from the start of the school year, to ensure that the pupil or student is properly insured;
  • the tenant: by the owner of the accommodation upon entering the premises and then every year;
  • law enforcement: in the event of a roadside check or an accident, law enforcement has the right to check that you are properly insured. They are also free to contact your insurer for insurance verification purposes.

What exactly is an insurance policy?

An insurance policy is the insurance contract that binds you to your insurer and attests to the subscription of guarantees that may apply in the event of a claim. This insurance policy, therefore, includes all applicable cover and deductibles. This contract is accompanied by the General Conditions (applicable to all subscribers to this framework contract) and the Special Conditions (adapted to the subscriber).

Your insurance policy may be modified by an endorsement issued during the life of your contract to validate:

  • a change of address;
  • a change of subscriber name;
  • adding a beneficiary;
  • a modification of guarantees and/or deductibles;
  • new pricing.
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