YouTube Keeps on Stopping? – Here’s the Fix


YouTube is a platform which is accessible to all and is nowadays used by many people for watching videos and many other things and other videos too. And once anybody starts watching videos on YouTube they will eventually end up watching videos for hours and hours without even realizing the time. But there are people who have encountered the problem of YouTube keeps pausing which is obviously interfering with their binge watching and troubling them while they are watching videos on YouTube. 

There are many reasons because of which YouTube keeps on pausing and stopping for the users like issues with loading the content, connection speed issues, Cache files issues, issues with headphones and many other issues too. But you do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to provide you solutions for the same so that you can very easily solve the problem you are facing and you can continue watching YouTube as you used to. 

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Ways to Solve the Issues of YouTube Keeps Stopping Again and Again – 

  1. Fixing the loading issues 

The main reason behind the problem of YouTube videos keep stopping can be the loading issues with YouTube where the platform is not able to load the videos they want to watch. Buffering could be seen when the video is not able to load properly and the video keeps on pausing at various points. To fix this you can switch to a higher bandwidth after which your videos will begin to load faster and you will face no issues further. 

  1. Clearing the cache files to fix the problem

Cache files might be the reason because of which you are not able to load your files and in order to fix this you need to follow as well as execute the steps that are mentioned below very carefully so that your problem of YouTube stops playing could be fixed.

  • Move to the settings option of your Android device and then in the settings tab you need to look for Apps option. 
  • Once you have found the Apps tab you need to click on it and then from there move to manage apps option. 
  • After you have located the YouTube tab you need to tap on it and then you will find two options which are clear data and clear cache. 
  • From this you have to tap the clear cache file which will clear all the cache files and your problem might be fixed and you can use YouTube without problems. 
  1. Updating the YouTube application 

The problem might be occurring because the YouTube app which you are using is not updated and the users are facing problems while using the application. To fix this you need to look for the latest updates of the YouTube app and then update it to the latest version so that you are able to fix the problem and the users will face no problems in watching the videos on YouTube and the users can use it. 

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