How to benefit from free psychological therapy with school insurance

At the beginning of the academic year, we usually make a payment, but whose benefits often go unnoticed: school insurance. This is a public resource that protects students under the age of 28 who take official studies from the third year of ESO . up to the third university cycle. Thus, it offers “health and economic benefits, in case of illness, school accident and family misfortune,” they explain in Social Security. 

But did you know that there is also psychological assistance within these categories? Indeed, the medical aid of this insurance includes neuropsychiatric and psychological treatments, provided that a series of requirements are met. However, it is a service unknown to most parents and students, but it is instrumental in protecting young people’s mental health.

Who can benefit from school insurance?

The psychologist has recalled this in charge of Occimorons, whose publication has become viral on Instagram. “These are difficult times, and perhaps this information will be useful to someone. Share it because it is a resource that exists,” argues the expert. 

First of all, one of the requirements to access school insurance is to be under 28 years of age and enrolled in one of the studies included in the conditions. Likewise, one year of insurance must be accredited, have Spanish nationality, or be a foreigner with legal residence in the country and have paid the corresponding fee.

Regarding the accreditation of having one year of insurance,  this requirement “is not required for benefits derived from school accidents, family misfortune. And obstetrics, nor for students who the previous year have completed 2nd of ESO, special education or who have continued their studies abroad “, they indicate in the Social Security.

Therefore, the students of the following academic itineraries are included in the insurance:

  • 3rd and 4th of ESO
  • High school.
  • Vocational training, second grade, middle grade, superior and exceptional.
  • University Orientation Course and Unified Polyvalent Baccalaureate.
  • Professional qualification programs.
  • Students from integrated centers.
  • University studies of intermediate degree, superior degree, and doctorate
  • Higher degree studies in music conservatories
  • Higher degree studies in dance conservatories
  • drama studios
  • Theology in the higher centers of the Catholic Church
  • The second cycle of secondary education for adults
  • University students who carry out curricular internships
  • Training programs for the transition to adulthood

What psychological and neuropsychiatric services does it include?

Neuropsychiatry is included in the insurance and includes ” inpatient or outpatient treatment of neuropsychiatric processes. due to their severity, affect the continuity of studies.” However, the so-called ” disorders of psychological development and behavior and emotions, with a usual onset in childhood and adolescence” are excluded, detailed in the Social Security.

In this sense, inpatient treatment will be considered when the student is in a hospital for a minimum of six hours a day, even if he does not spend the night. Thus, this treatment will include accommodation and maintenance services, medical care, and pharmaceutical assistance. In terms of time, it is offered for an initial period of six months, which can be extended for another six months.

On the other hand, outpatient treatment refers to when the student spends less than six hours a day in a hospital and is also known for six months, extendable to one year.

Regarding private psychological therapypsychotherapy sessions conducted by psychologists “are included provided they are prescribed by a psychiatrist.” 

How can it be processed?

Applications for school insurance can be made electronically or in person. If having a digital certificate or permanent clave, psychological assistance may be requested through the Social Securityelectronic office.

This procedure can also be carried out through the platform application and Procedures for Social Security Benefits‘ or at a Social Security Service and Information Center.

Another option to carry out this procedure is to print the corresponding form and send it to the assigned Provincial Directorate.

What documentation must be presented?

Besides benefits derived from a school accident or medical emergency, health benefits must be requested before the assistance. Thus, together with the application, it will be necessary to present the following documentation:

  • DNI or family book. Proof of identity document for foreigners
  • Non-university students: Certificate from the study center
  • University students: Receipt of the registration form
  • Receipt of payment of School Insurance from the previous year.
  • Diagnosis of psychiatry according to the international classifications DSM-III-R or ICD/10. It must include a brief description of the patient’s current state, the pharmacological treatment, and indicated psychological therapy. In addition, you will have to add if the latter will be carried out by a psychologist or by the psychiatrist himself.
By Cary Grant

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