2 Steps to Successful e-commerce Packaging

In the digital world today, ecommerce has led to the number of brands that sell online and customers buy online. Packaging is more than just a means to get your product from point A to B. For brands, packaging has now become a physical way where they can interact with customers.

Here, we will share some of the best practices about how to package your e -commerce product and make the first impression that has an impact with your customers.

Step 1 – Get Inspired

Sometimes, working on an empty canvas can be a challenge. Look at the packaging of some of your favorite brands and see which parts you like. Whether it’s a product design or placement, remember them for your packaging. custom rigid boxes wholesale You can also see companies that sell similar products to you to get more inspiration. Use some of these examples as a foundation for your packaging and create something unique for your brand.

Google image for inspiration for jewelry packaging

Pro Tips: Use Google Pictures to get inspiration and see examples. You can also check our showcase pages for some additional inspiration.

Step 2 – Determine your type of packaging

The type of packaging that you want to have for your E -commerce product.

1 – External packaging for your product

Innumerable special print mailer box

Custom mailer box

Cavy mailer box is very suitable for ecommerce delivery and subscription box products. For example, if you sell a set of beauty products and want them to be packaged in one box, the mailer box is perfect for it because you can package and send your products – everything in one box. The mailer box is similar to the pizza box in how they open, and provide robustness and strength to make sure your box is not destroyed during shipping.

Special ovary print fold carton box


Folding cardboard box, or product box, is ideal for smaller and lighter items. For example, if you sell coffee capsules, food products, or candles, these boxes are very ideal

Sheng Kee Bakery Custom Kotak Rigid Boxes

Sheng Kee bakery shoulder and neck stiff box

For further premium packaging, custom bottle boxes consider using two rigid boxes or magnetic closing boxes for something more luxurious. This type of box is a good friend for high-class products such as jewelry or technology. However, note that generally also more expensive to be sent from suppliers to you (or your warehouse) because they cannot be leveled.

2 – Internal packaging for your product

Consider using vacancy, such as tissue paper or craft paper, to fill the empty space in your box to prevent your product from shifting too much during transit. Another option to consider is a wrap or bubble foam, but they are not environmentally friendly.

Blue corn Bee Candle Box with inserts for candles

Blue corn bee custom candle box insert

If you have several products as part of a set, consider using special box inserts, which will allow you to serve your product well and keep it from shifting. Paper -based inserts are the most effective and printed choice, while foam inserts are more expensive and more suitable for fragile products.

3 – External packaging for shipping

Amazon Shipping Box in Xmas

Now is the time to think about how you want to package and send your product. One important factor to remember is that you must put your address, your customer address, and every customs label to external packaging for shipping. Here are some considerations for the shipping box:

Don’t want additional packaging? Use a corrugated mailer box not only for storing your product but also for shipping!

Want an additional box? You can use a shipping box or bumpy mailer box for the box-in-box packaging method. In this way, all the sender and customs labels are in the external box, and the box in it is fully protected.

Not looking for an external box? Depending on the weight and fragility of your product, yo

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