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Many motorcycles are considered by their owners as authentic jewels. However, in some cases, they are called classic due to their intrinsic characteristics and their age, although in order to award them with this distinction, they have to meet certain specific requirements.

As is the case with other vehicles, they must be covered by at least compulsory civil liability insurance, as established by the Historic Vehicle Regulations. However, when hiring classic motorcycle insurance, the procedure is not exactly the same as in the case of a conventional vehicle. Also, not all insurers offer this type of policy.

Types of classic motorcycle insurance that we offer

If you want to take out old motorcycle insurance, you have several different alternatives at your fingertips. Take note of the most demanded:

  • To thirds. It includes basic coverage that includes compulsory and voluntary civil liability, legal defense, and claim for damages.
  • To third parties extended. If your motorcycle is really valuable, you can also protect it against theft and fire.
  • Full of risk. It is possible to obtain complete protection against any eventuality. In this way, the driver will have their own damages covered.

Whichever method you choose, you can configure and customize your policy according to your needs. In fact, it is possible to opt for the third-party modality —the most economical— and then complement it with optional coverage such as travel assistance or towing service from kilometer 0.

What to take into account when hiring classic motorcycle insurance?

Some of the factors that can influence the price of your insurance are:

  • Bet on full insurance. Being very well maintained vehicles and, given their type, repairs are more expensive than in the case of other motorcycles.
  • Not all insurance companies are the same or offer the same insurance. Before hiring the best classic motorcycle insurance and including certain important coverages such as theft or personal damage, we recommend that you make a preliminary comparison with a motorcycle insurance comparator such as Doctor I to make a better decision.

How to find cheap classic motorcycle insurance?

The price of insurance for classic motorcycles is usually lower than that of other two-wheeled vehicles. Since they are vehicles that are not used as much, not even for long journeys, the risk to which the driver is exposed is extremely lower. For this reason, companies usually have a classification based on the age of classic motorcycles, in such a way that the older they are, the lower the premiums will be. However, everything will depend on the conditions governed by each company.

Cheap classic motorcycle insurance is the basic coverage, or what is the same, the third-party modality. However, as we have already mentioned, companies usually include other coverage to offer greater protection, such as voluntary civil liability, travel assistance, legal defense, or driver accidents. When selecting the ideal insurance for you, use the Doctor I motorcycle comparator. This tool will help you save time and money.

By Cary Grant

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