Requirements to be a loan shark

If you are starting in this new world of loans, read these tips or requirements to be a good loan shark:

1. Study the companies or projects that are published in the sector, so that you have a broad and clear vision of the options that most interest you: Comparison of profitability, the minimum amount to invest, term of the operation, method of return, risks…

2. How much capital do you have to be a loan shark?

Do not lend all the money you have, but consider making your saved money grow by diversifying your investments. Then make the decision that gives you the most confidence.

3. Is your time unlimited to dedicate yourself to this professionally or do you prefer to outsource the task?

Unless you have a passion for this world of loans and want to start a business adventure leading a project, we recommend that you leave this work in the hands of a professional. You will save time and money.

4. Are you worried about claiming your money?

In case of non-payment, loan sharks are somewhat embarrassed to claim their money from a third party. Therefore, we always recommend evaluating the risk of each investment. You already know the theory, the higher the risk, the higher the return. With Vanilla you will not have this problem because we meet the objectives set monthly, your profitability is our trusted portfolio.

5. Invest in platforms with risk assessment

Invest in platforms that you know have previously evaluated the risks that exist or that have 100% transparency.

6. Vary the investment portfolio

It is advisable to invest a small amount in various projects so that you diversify your risk against possible losses. The amount invested varies, as well as the profitability, the risk, and the terms.

7. Reinvest the amounts that you recover

It is not good to have money saved in a bank account since due to inflation, it will lose value over the months. So the monthly fee you receive, take advantage of it or reinvest it. In this way, the profitability obtained will be multiplied.

  • In Vanilla you can, once the term is over, continue with an equal or greater investment and keep what has been received as a monthly benefit. You can also reinvest that amount that you keep in other sectors or trust us by adding it to the initial capital invested in a new operation.

8. Keep in mind how the interest rate is calculated

Regardless of when you collect the interest, what interests you is to know what is the annual return that it reports to you, as well as if it is a fixed or variable interest. If you want to be a loan shark, it is best to always look for fixed-rate interest, since it will allow you to have greater confidence in the borrower and you will know in advance the profitability you will obtain.

  • At Vanilla, we offer a 7% fixed annual return and we also pay interest monthly.

Is it legal to be a private loan Shark?

A loan between individuals is proof that being a loan shark is legal between two individuals, companies, or self-employed without the intervention of a bank involved. This type of contract is carried out very commonly between individuals and even between companies and individuals. They are regulated by Law 16/2011 of June 24 if it is personal, where consumer credits are regulated and obligations are established by both parties.

To know how to become a loan shark legally, the operation is simple:

  • A creditor lends money to a debtor who agrees to pay it back to you within a specified period.
  • An interest rate, fixed or variable, is set, which will have an annual impact on all the money borrowed.
  • The interest payment method is established, whether they are payable monthly or annually, and it can even be agreed to deliver them together with the borrowed capital at the end of the contract.

To formalize a loan between individuals and make it 100% legal, it must be done by signing a loan contract, where each condition is reflected.

  • Payments: interest will be paid monthly and the capital will be returned at the end of the term.

For your peace of mind and confidence, we carry out the loan contract attending to all your concerns, reflecting it before a notary in a public deed if necessary. After the signing of this contract, its legality is fulfilled.

If your dreams are clear and the phrase: I want to be a loan shark is on your mind. You are in the right place. You can simulate your investment here so that you can automatically calculate how much profit you will get monthly based on the amount borrowed.

In addition, we offer you free advice, clarifying how the interest we pay you is taxed, as well as the capital invested. In fact, within our business group, we have an agency, which can facilitate this work if you wish.

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By Cary Grant

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