Top 6 Foundation Maintenance Tips

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The maintenance of the house is one of the crucial processes. The most crucial step in this process which is often neglected by people is the foundation of the house. The foundation of the house is the key or the base of the entire house or building. Any issue in the foundation may lead to costly repairs down the line.

Therefore, to maintain the safety and secure the longevity of the foundation of the house or any business, foundation maintenance is mandatory. Here in this guide, we have provided a few tips to maintain the foundation of the building and prevent any damage.

1. Don’t Ignore Foundation Cracks

One of the most significant foundation maintenance methods is to focus on any indications of foundation damage, like cracks in the walls of the house, sticking windows, shifting door frames, and sloping floors. All these situations are clear indicators of the fact that your house needs foundation repair, attention, and care.

2. Redirect Water Away from Your Foundation

Redirecting water away from the house is another crucial tip for the maintenance of the foundation. Water can be problematic for the foundation and may cause severe damage when it is not immediately and properly channeled away from it. To avoid water damage, make certain that the gutters of the property are clean and free from any blockage.

3. Maintain Consistent Moisture Levels Around Your Foundation

The house foundation needs a good level of moisture to survive perfectly. That foundation must not be too dry or too wet. Instead, optimal moisture must be maintained. Therefore, make certain that the soil of the foundation doesn’t become either too dry or wet. Otherwise, the expansion or contraction of the soil in the foundation area may result in cracks in the foundations. Hence, try to use a lawn sprinkler to keep the soil moist around the structure in warmer months.

4. Keep Tree Roots Away from Your Foundation

One other significant maintenance tip is to make sure that the plants, shrubs, or trees grown near the foundation are not beyond 3 feet in length. The vegetation which is tall in length may need a huge amount of water to survive and thus putting too much water in such an area may make your foundation too wet and ultimately result in foundation damage. Therefore, try to keep the vegetation away from the foundation area to avoid any structural damage. 

5. Conduct Annual Plumbing Tests

Annual inspection of the foundation is necessary for maintaining a good foundation. It is mandatory to keep an eye on the leaks, water pressure, and water flow to make certain that the plumbing system is functioning correctly. Moreover, plumbing leaks might cause significant damage to your foundation, but early detection can easily help you avoid expensive repairs.

6. Grade the Land for Proper Drainage

Make certain that the soil present around the foundation area is properly and accurately graded. This means that the water should be able to flow away from the foundation instead of moving towards it. This can be ensured by achieving a ground slope in the opposite direction from the foundation.

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