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Who knew that the holy book of Islam, known as the Quran, could be studied in an online, remote manner? With so many great study tools available on the internet, it only makes sense that you would be able to learn Quran online for kids from any location in the world. But how can you know if this online madrasa is any good? You may have heard rumors or read testimonials from their students in order to get an idea, but these are all based on personal experience and could be biased.

Muslims have religious obligations to take action against climate change, according to the declaration issued by large groups of Islamic scholars, religious leaders and politicians from 20 countries. The Islamic declaration of global climate change, launched in Istanbul, is intended for 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and suggest that mosques and Islamic schools must immediately take action.

In using religious authority to call for a stronger climate change policy at the UN Summit in Paris this December, the Islamic declaration follows the same intervention by the Pope at the beginning of the year.

There is a solid religious case for this declaration. Muslims around the world take the Qur’an and prophetic traditions (sunna) as the two main authoritative sources of the Islamic legal system (sharia). You will not find direct references about the carbon budget or biodiversity in the Scriptures, of course – the global environment crisis is too new.

Five principles

But there is an environmental framework that is inherently embedded in traditional Islamic principles, and it is possible to expand these principles to consider contemporary changes. Traditionally there are five main obligations for all Muslims: Proclamation in the unity of God, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and giving alms (charity to the poor). Each can help the environment.

The concept of unity can be extended to the unity of creation – the idea that there is one planet to be shared by all planets. Thus Islam teaches the relationship between the environment and humans.

Prayer is about looking for guidance from God. Likewise, the environment has a purpose and forms other types of revelation, which can be seen as a source of guidance for humanity.

Fasting is done for God but recently Muslim faith activists have fast for this planet. For example, representatives of wisdom in nature, ecological activist groups in the UK, will be fast so that they can reflect on human impacts on the environment. Also, during pilgrimage, Muslims must consider animals and vegetation in the specified area.

Finally, the process of giving alms shows that Muslims are wise and effectively share resources. This means that there is already Islamic ethics for sustainability, especially justice in and between generations.

How to get a mosque

Climate change affects us all, and by taking action, the mosque can make themselves vital and accessible from civil society. In Western countries, actions will present the opportunity to build a bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims, emphasizing the importance of mosques in public spaces.

Pray for the rain in Jordan which was hit by a drought last year. Muslim countries are the most influenced by climate change. Muhammad Hamed / Reuters

Of course, such actions depend on the person responsible for running each mosque. In general, each of them follows certain ways of Islamic thought and leadership may be reluctant to experience climate change, especially when other problems, such as conflicts in Syria and Palestine/Israel, dominate today’s affairs.

Even so, the mosque will need input from environmental NGOs to increase their understanding of the Islamic perspective of climate change. And, because climate change tends to attract younger people, the mosque needs to keep young people on boats, many of them now feel alienated from the establishment of Islam.

Climate Education

It would be very important to encourage climate change actions through various Islamic schools around the world. These children can have a big impact, because this is a very new field – Academics and Muslim scholars only chasing lag in the way of Islam can be applied to current climate problems. Whether young Muslims choose to join the campaign, become a scientist or just decide to live a more sustainable lifestyle, they will help develop the ideas of the Islamic environment and what can happen.

However, there is a great global gap

How to learn online Quran for kids with online madrasa

There are plenty of ways to learn online Quran for kids, but none may be as convenient as using an online madrasa. Online madrasas will provide you with a live instructor over Skype or another video chat platform. This means you can learn online Qur’an without missing any school or family time—it’s easier than driving your child around on a weekend morning.

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