The Best Quran Memorization Online Course for Kids and Adults

If you’re looking to learn how to memorize the Quran classes online, Al-Hifz Institute has the perfect solution for you. This online course teaches you easy and fun techniques that will let you remember the holy book of Islam in no time at all! It’s also ideal if you want to teach your kids how to memorize the Quran or even if you’re an adult who wants to learn about this powerful way of developing one’s relationship with God through learning His word.

Key Features

A Unique Learning Experience, Customized to Your Skill Level, At Your Own Pace. Once you begin memorizing chapters from Quran Hifz with us, you’ll quickly become an expert in new learning techniques; re-learning will become easy and self-reinforcing. Our program adapts to each student’s unique needs: once your lesson time is up, our system sends you a follow-up email to remind you of all you have learned.

How to Get Started

To make sure your kids don’t get bored, it is best to keep activities short. For example, set a timer for five minutes. Start by asking your child to read one sentence at a time out loud while you write it down on a piece of paper. After five minutes, stop. If your child has read all of his sentences without making any mistakes or taking more than three seconds per sentence, then reward him with a small treat or activity that he enjoys.

How Does It Work?

Unlike other online courses, we have a dedicated support team. Our professors are ready to assist students via email. Once you complete course, you get a certificate from institute. At any point in time if you want your money back, contact us and we will give your money back with no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our success!

What are the Advantages?

The biggest advantage is you’ll learn fast Quranic memorization techniques, which are designed to embed Quranic verses in your mind. The best part about these techniques is that they’re extremely easy to implement. Additionally, as you become more proficient at memorizing Quranic verses, you’ll find yourself getting up early to learn; a great habit to get into!

Who Can Benefit From Quran Hifz Learning Program?

Quranic memorization is vital to developing a strong foundation in Islamic practice. Muslims who hope to pass down their faith to others, teach at religious schools, lead prayer or perform Hajj must have a comprehensive understanding of verses from their holy book. Non-Muslims can also benefit from memorizing Quranic passages since such study has been shown to boost brain activity, sharpen memory skills and improve cognitive function. The best way to learn how is through an online course that makes learning Quranic verse fun and accessible.Tajweed

Benefits of Reciting from Memory

Reciting from memory is one of the best ways to learn, as it helps us internalize knowledge in our hearts. If you’re trying to memorize The Quran for children or adults, here are a few things you should know

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