The legitimacy of the Koran

The Koran was unconcealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by the angel Jibreel through the Angel of Revelation, Gabriel. this suggests that everything within the Koran came from Allah and not from any creature. because the believer of Allah, we’ve got little question regarding it and its legitimacy till the Day of Judgment. Allah has bonded this in His book by expression, Indeed, it’s we have a tendency to UN agency sent down the Learn Quran and so, there square measure messengers as witnesses over it. (Quran 15:9)

How It’s Preserved

It has been recorded in a very book (Al-Mushaf) that’s preserved and guarded by Allah. This book was unconcealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through Angel archangel over a amount of twenty three years, starting at age forty. once it had been complete, it had been memorized by all people who had attended his speeches and gatherings. the foremost literate of them wrote components of it down on palm leaves, sheepskin parchment, and different materials they might find; these notes were eventually collated into one document that we’ve got nowadays as Al-Mushaf.

Divine Protection

Allah describes in a very range of verses that he has protected and preserved his book from distortion. Allah says: so, it’s we have a tendency to UN agency sent down the Qur’an and so, we’ll be its guardian. [Qur’an 15:9] He additionally says: so, it’s we have a tendency to UN agency sent down the reminder and so, we’ll be its guardian. [Qur’an 15:10] Allah additional says: so, it’s your Lord UN agency protects you from individuals. Indeed, he’s Seeing of what you are doing. And ample square measure Allah’s witness over group. [Qur’an 11:117] Muslims square measure schooled to believe divine protection over all things by Allah and to require refuge in him against any kind of distortion or amendment.

Unaffected by Time

The Qur’an has been preserved in its complete kind and is passed right down to North American country precisely because it was unconcealed to Prophet Muhammad over 1400 years past. No alterations, insertions or omissions have taken place, creating it simple for you to browse nowadays and recognize that you are reading precisely what Allah unconcealed to His Prophet. Also, each copy is written in a very special script called Hijazi handwriting that preserves every word, word-by-word even as it had been initial written down throughout Muhammad’s period of time over 1400 years past. This includes all of its matter variations too – not one text disagrees with another on any point!

Mathematical Miracle

The exact mathematical miracle of The Book is a sign that it’s a revelation from Allah, Quran Memorization as a result of no creature may have planned and dead it. as an example, Surah seventy four consists of seventy seven verses with seventy seven being ten x seven. what is more, there square measure 114 chapters in total (19 x 6), whereas every chapter incorporates a minimum of three verses (since Surah 2) and most range being 114 (since Surah 9). additionally to those examples, there square measure several different miraculous properties embedded in its contents.

Scientific Miracles within the Koran

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) aforesaid that, One verse of Torah – it’s in Book of Deuteronomy 32:15-18. One verse from Psalms 19:4. One verse from Genesis 21:33. One from John 10:16.

By Cary Grant

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