The link-building techniques that work no more in the web 2.0 age!

Those who dream of getting ranked on the first SERP know the importance of SEO and link building. But not all those who know their importance work the right way. A decade ago the world was stormed by people trying to manipulate the search engines. Yahoo, Bing, Google, and all others were seeing a rise in poor quality content. BlackHat tactics were on the peak. Now, people seek to buy quality backlinks in UK. This was not so a decade ago. People wanted just links, a huge number of links, said PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom. And it led the internet to a state of mayhem. It was the rise of bad-quality content. But now anymore. Google has grown into a giant.

Link Building now is a tough task and works only when done the right way. But many still use old link building techniques. What are these old link building techniques that you should avoid?

Old Link Building techniques that you must avoid now!

The purpose of link building is not to create links alone. Its right purpose is to create a community of websites that represent expertise in a given field. Imagine getting science taught by a maths teacher just because he wants fame. Or imagine a chef speaking good about an automobile company. It can manipulate people easily. This is why creating backlinks for a website is not enough but to have quality backlinks that are relevant to the main website.

However, there still are companies that follow the same old link building techniques. There still are eyes that stay hopeful about tricking the immense search engines with their naiveties, said PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom. It is always advised to look for high DA and PA niche links when you Buy quality backlinks UK. There are companies that sell spam links at 5 or 10 $s. Do not fall for them.

Apart from it, here are the link building techniques that you must avoid at all costs.

1 – Using automated software!

If you think that using some software can help you create backlinks while saving your time, consider yourself terribly wrong. All it will do is consume your time. These bots and software do nothing but create spam links from websites with terrible quality. Forget getting helped, you even will end up paying an expert to remove these bad quality links.

Google takes spam backlinks very seriously. Its strong A.I. engines now can easily spot a spam backlink. This leads to penalties and even a permanent ban from Google servers.

2 – Focusing just on DA and PA!

At first, it was all about links. People were going gaga about buying more and more backlinks to rank higher. Then Google noticed it and started focusing on the quality of these backlinks. Then people started to buy quality backlinks in UK with high DA and PA scores. Google again noticed it and now values the relevance of those websites linking to your own.

Getting high DA and PA backlinks is not the only requirement but getting it from the relevant niche websites is necessary too. For example, if your website is about food recipes then getting a link from a shoe company will be suspicious.

3 – Link Farming!

It was a popular strategy in the initial years when the internet meant Facebook, Orkut, and Google and games were RoadRash, Counter Strike, Halo and whatnot! When people heard about Google’s strategy of using backlinks to rank websites, they started creating their own websites. People would buy domains and create hollow websites. Then they would link these websites with each other to trick Google into thinking that they have more links.

Link Farming does not work anymore (not even a slight). Thus, do not waste your time in link farming.

4 – Use (or overuse) of Press Release!

If had you asked an SEO geek about what to do to get links, he/she could have suggested you press release. The old days were all about looking for ways to create links and thus there were some very eerie ideas on how to create links. Use of Press Release to create links was one of those ideas. It used to work, but not anymore.

Press releases were invented at the time when there were newspapers. Newspapers were used by companies and organisations to inform the public about an important update or an event. Then the internet came and it all turned digital. But then soon people started manipulating it to the core. Websites would use press releasing platforms to give useless updates while dropping a link to their own website. PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom, says that the use of Press Release is still on, but it is not used for backlinks anymore. Google rejects, and even penalises, backlinks coming from press releases.

5 – Comment Spamming!

If you have heard anyhow from anyone about using the comment section to drop links to your website, slap yourself twice in front of that person and run away like a chicken on fire. Comment spamming was tackled by Google’s Penguin update. You will not be able to make it to the top of SERP using comments to drop backlinks.

6 – Giving freebies or discounts for backlinks!

It was 2012 when overstock dot calm was penalised big for offering discounted products to students for dropping backlinks to their website in their blogs. There was a full set of instructions that was shared among students. But it got leaked out and pushed the website into the bog.

If you are planning to offer discounted products for backlinks in return, stay vary of this same. You’ll never know what type of websites might link to you. It was a working strategy 10 years back. But you are not living in 2012 now.

Link Building is very vital for a website’s growth. Not just for a website’s growth, link building helps create an expert community on the internet and make it better. You cannot make it to the top without having quality and relevant backlinks. This is the reason that big companies buy quality backlinks (UK) to surpass their competitors. It is somewhat grey but has been around for hundreds of years as a marketing strategy. PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom, says that one must not fall prey to spam links and invest in quality over quantity. It always helps the website and the internet grow.

By Cary Grant

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