What is Dhow Cruise?

Dhow is an Arabic sailboat. Historically, they are mainly used for shipping purposes in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Today, the updated version also provides beautiful cruise ships in Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina.

Dubai is mostly known for its modern architecture. Dhow Cruise When you see Dubai for the first time, you feel like you have stepped from the engine trip to the future. What is better to see many sites besides taking Dubai Creek shipping.

Dhows is two floors. The lower deck offers air-conditioned seats, and on the top deck, you can enjoy an open seat. The following video gives us a good example of what the boat is outside, everything is burning, and what is expected on the boat.

There are two popular dhow cruise ships, one in Dubai Creek, and the other from Dubai Marina. The Dubai Creek is more limited to where he can go and offer a more historical view of Dubai. Some of the scenes that you can expect are:

Dubai National Bank

Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Sheikh Saeed’s house

The birthplace of Sheikh Rashid

Old souq

Inheritance village

If you choose Marina Cruise, you will see more architecture and modern buildings such as:

Jumeirah Beach Residences

Villa of the Palm

Atlantis Hotel

Hotel Burj Al Arab

Towers Twin Rolex

Many bridges in the city

Dhow Cruise Price

The price for Dhow cruise ships depends on which options you choose. Viators are a good website with detailed prices and information about many of your options.

Prices start from $ 22.00 USD per person for Dhow Creek shipping. For this price, you can enjoy the 1 hour Dhow Morning tour scheduled to leave every day at 10:00 am and 12:00.

Marina Dhow ticket prices start from $ 30.00 USD without transportation to Marina, or $ 40.00 with transportation from the selected Dubai Hotel. This is a two -hour cruise ship that includes drinks, dinner buffet style and direct entertainment. This cruise board at 20:00, so that gives you the opportunity to see the extraordinary Dubai horizon at night.

These are only a few packages available for Dhow Cruises. There are also options for packages that include a full day’s trip that goes to Telegraph Island where you can swim and snorkel and may see dolphin pods along the road.

Other attractions that you don’t want to miss in Dubai

Dubai must be seen if given the opportunity. Located in the United Arab Emirates, this is home to some impressive modern architecture. Although very beautiful, according to Wikipedia, this is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you get the chance to visit, here are some things you should not miss:

Dubai Mall: This is more than just a shopping center, this is an experience! Being the largest shopping center in the world, it has more than 1,200 shops. Other attractions that can be found in the mall are: Arena skating, cinema, aquariums, and dubai fountains made by Bellagio fountain designers.

Burj Al Arab: This very luxurious hotel, which is located on its own island, is a scene to be seen with modern curved architecture. Even though this is a hotel, you don’t need to stay there to visit, you can also have fun dinner in one of their many restaurants.

Jumeirah Beach: This beach is said to be one of the best public beaches in Dubai. Marina Dhow Cruise Being very popular, it is important to arrive earlier because it becomes quite crowded throughout the day. On the beach, you will also find a playground and area for picnics and barbecue.

Bastakiya Quarters: Inside the tall buildings and modern architecture, you can find the historic district of the city. Old buildings in this place are now home to art galleries and coffee shops.

Ski Dubai: If you know something about Dubai, you know that it doesn’t snow here. However, Dubai overcomes this problem by building Winter Wonderland in a large room. Here you will find 5 running skiing, including one black diamond, snowboard park, area for tobogganing, and even a place for

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