When should I file a car insurance claim?

An auto insurance claim is basically your way of notifying your insurance provider that you’ll need to use your policy to cover expenses related to an incident.

You may be wondering when should I file an auto insurance claim

Filing a Salvage title car insurance claim for something minor, like a broken mirror or a broken windshield, will almost certainly increase your premium. The real purpose of insurance is for disastrous circumstances, not minor accidents.

Whatever your deductible is, you should always try to pay the bill for $500 above that before getting insurance involved.

Let’s say you have a $500 deductible. In that case, you only need to file a claim when the body repair bill is over $1,000.

If you have a $1,000 deductible, any repair bill greater than $1,500 would justify a claim.

This is when you should NOT file a car insurance claim

Speaking of small claims, there are a few cases where you don’t need to file an auto insurance claim:

  • Small incidents like a broken windshield or a broken mirror.
  • After a weather event where your vehicle is hit by debris and causes minor surface damage.
  • Call the roadside assistance of your insurance company; that can be treated as a claim.
  • That last item may surprise some people. But the truth is that some auto insurance agencies that offer roadside assistance treat their use as an at-fault claim and put it on your report.

However, there are generally more cases where you should file an auto insurance claim rather than skip:

  • You will save money. You should file an insurance claim whenever your out-of-pocket costs extend beyond your deductible.
  • You caused an accident or damage to someone else’s car or property. Even if the other person recommends settling the damages caused by an accident in private, don’t accept it. If you come to an agreement in private, there is always the risk that the person will come back and ask for more money.
  • By involving your insurance company by filing an insurance claim, you not only get your policy to cover expenses, up to your policy limits. You also protect yourself by letting the insurance company settle with the person you hit.
  • Someone hit your car. If your vehicle is damaged due to someone else’s mistake, you’re probably wondering how to file a car insurance claim against someone. Generally, starting the insurance claim process there requires a call to your insurance provider and a call to theirs. Get your insurance information so you can start your car insurance claim and get the money you deserve.
  • People were injured in an accident. Whether you caused the accident or not, it’s a good idea to get your insurance company involved if people were injured. That way, those people can get the health care they need and use insurance as much as possible for it.

Is there a time when you shouldn’t file an insurance claim?

While it’s almost always a good idea to go through the insurance claim process for the financial and legal protection it provides, there are a few times you might consider skipping it:

  • The damage is extremely minor. If you are involved in a minor accident and all parties involved do not want to file an insurance claim, you may not need to file one. But this is only the right decision if an agreement can be reached with the person right then and there.
  • If you are asked for your contact information, and especially if you are asked for your insurance information, start researching how to make an insurance claim with your provider.
  • You damaged your own vehicle. If you make a mistake behind the wheel that affects your vehicle but doesn’t harm anyone else or your property, assess the damage. If the repairs are less than or close to your deductible, it probably makes more sense to pay for them yourself, since you would cover most of the repair costs out of pocket anyway. That avoids filing an insurance claim, which can lead to increased rates.

Remember above all to always have your current car insurance for any eventuality on the road. We have the auto insurance coverage you need and that will make you feel calm when you are driving.

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By Cary Grant

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